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The Challenge tends to be a game where veterans win, but recently we’ve seen some rookies who have beat the odds. Despite the successes that some rookies have, other seasons have yet to spawn a successful team. For this post, I am going to look at the average winnings per appearance from the 10 most […]

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There’s a summer lull going on right now, so I’m going to seize this opportunity to talk about some Real World & Challenge moments that happened before this blog existed. Right now, we’re going to talk about the kind-of-controversial Beth VS. Svetlana Duel we saw 8 years ago. During this Duel, Svetlana fought Beth is […]


Recently I’ve started watching the show American Ninja Warrior. As I watch the show I can’t help but think that some of the Challengers would be a perfect fit for a competition like this. Little did I know that one Challenger already had a chance at being an American Ninja Warrior. That’s right, CJ from […]


Some Challengers bow out of the competition gracefully. Their last Challenge features a strong showing, usually with success and sometimes with a win. People like Susie, The Miz, Brad, Jillian, and Evelyn serve as prime examples of Challengers who went out gracefully. On the other hand we have some Challengers who left on a really, […]


After watching Free Agents you might have felt bad for people like Cara Maria, Laurel, or even Johnny Bananas who seemed to appear in a lot of elimination rounds. While these vets spent the season fighting for survival, there were others who seems to slide under the radar. Let’s check out the Challengers throughout history […]


Congratulations to Paula Beckert (Meronek) who gave birth to her first baby earlier this week! Fans of The Real World may remember Paula from the Key West season or any of the 10 Challenges she appeared on after The Real World. We’ve followed her through her personal development, Challenge wins and losses, and now as […]


It was 13 years ago that The Real World was filming in Chicago for the first time. This season will mostly be remembered for the cast’s reaction to 9/11, Tonya’s kidney stones, and Aneesa’s love for nudity. Now that another season is filming in Chicago, it’s important to understand that a lot has changed with […]


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