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CT’s Touching Tribute to Diem

I’ve refrained from posting about CT in the time since Diem’s passing out of respect for his privacy. However, his tribute that he posted on his Instagram is too touching to ignore. WARNING: Tears likely to ensue In his tribute to Diem, he reveals that Diem is, was, and will continue to be the love…

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MTV Stars Pay Tribute to Diem

Over the past few days the Challenge community has been saddened by the loss of Diem. She touched the lives of many of the Challengers and upon hearing the news of her passing they were quick to post memories on social media. I wanted to take the opportunity to celebrate her life by sharing some…


Road Rules Alum Katie Announces Pregnancy

Recently, Katie Doyle Cooley announced that she is expecting her first baby with her husband, and she made the announcement in the cutest possible fashion: as a movie poster. The baby isn’t expected for another 7 months, but she is about to enter a very exciting part of her life. I especially love the fact…