Challenge 2012: Cast Spoilers

Drumroll please…

That moment you’ve been waiting for…

I’m going to keep this post short and sweet and just give the cast. I must give credit to Vevmo to posting this list. (NOTE: Clicking the link will bring you to full season spoilers).

Real World St. Thomas

  • Robb
  • Trey
  • Laura
  • Marie

Real World San Diego (2)

  • Frank
  • Zach
  • Ashley
  • Sam

Real World New Orleans (2)

  • Knight
  • Preston
  • Jemmye
  • McKenzie

Real World Cancun

  • CJ
  • Derek
  • Jasmine
  • Jonna

Real World Brooklyn

  • Chet
  • JD
  • Devyn
  • Sarah

Real World Sydney

  • Dunbar
  • Isaac
  • Ashli
  • Kellyanne

Real World Austin

  • Danny
  • Wes
  • Lacey
  • Melinda

Real World Las Vegas (2)

  • Dustin
  • Nany

Real World Las Vegas

  • Alton
  • Trishelle

Fresh Meat (rumored)

  • Eric

Fresh Meat 2 (rumored)

  • Brandon
  • Cara Maria

Spring Break Challenge (rumored)

  • Camila

See a trend? Teams will likely be split up based on where the season was filmed. Additionally, the Fresh Meats/ Spring Break Challenge are probably a team.

I’ll post more when it’s known.

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  1. cleverrealitytv · · Reply

    Reblogged this on Clever Reality Recaps.

  2. Just wished it had been Cohutta instead of Isaac or Dunbar haha, I miss that guy! But super awesome to see Alton, KellyAnne and Trishelle again and curious to see how things will go with Danny and Melinda.,… I used to adore those two! Funny to see Lacey there, didn’t think she would ever do a challenge!

  3. Someone · · Reply

    ahh.. i hope there is team Paris with CT, adam/ace, mallory & christina

  4. [...] has been reporting that there is another team that will appear on the challenge. I have updated the original cast post to include this [...]

  5. MTV The Challenge Fan · · Reply

    i want to see Laurel, Kenny in there again !

  6. addicted123 · · Reply

    omg where aree everybody? CT, Bannanas, Abram? Paula, Laurel? Sara? or somebody who is worth watching this show

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