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Is “The Draw” a Good Twist?

The Challenge: Free Agents has attempted to level the playing field by introducing a new twist called “The Draw.” As a part of this twist, the worst performers in the daily challenge are forced to flip cards to avoid elimination. One male and one female will flip a “kill card” that sends them into elimination. […]

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The Challenge Free Agents: Episode 2 Ratings

After a slow start on the first episode, the ratings remain grim. The second episode of Free Agents was viewed by 923,000 people and received a rating of 0.5 in the 18-49 demographic according to TVByTheNumbers. A drop of over 30,000 viewers and 0.1 in the rating. The Aftershow was not among the top 100 […]


The Challenge Free Agents: Top Moments from Episode 2

This week we saw love bloom and fists fly. What more could you want from The Challenge? 1. Southern Love Y’all The Southern gentleman Dustin has found himself a nice girl from South Carolina. Dustin and Jessica are really starting to hit it off; they’re spending a lot of time together and even kissing in […]


The Worst Players on the Best Team

When introducing The Challenge Free Agents, TJ mentioned that some people call themselves champions when they were the worst players on the best teams. At first I felt that must be a dig at someone, but who could it possibly be? There are only 5 champions on the cast. Johnny has won 4 times, so […]


Which Challenger is Hanging Up His Jersey?

Just as a new Challenge starts up, on of the challengers is claiming this will be his last. This is a long, but well written read where Frank states that he is embarking on new ventures in his life. He also discusses the fact that all people on the show all receive an edit, but […]


Entertainment Weekly Reveals Challenge News & Top Moments

Entertainment Weekly recently posted this article to commemorate the series as it embarks on its 25th season with Free Agents. The article discussed 25 of the greats Challenge moments and included commentary from Challenge alum such as: Beth, Darrell, The Miz, Rachel Robinson, Mark Long, Kenny, Johnny Bananas, Sarah, Landon, Susie, Cara Marie, Diem, Abram, […]


The Challenge Free Agents: Episode 1 Ratings

New night, new ratings? Seems like the move to Thursday wasn’t the best one. Episode 1 of Free Agents was watched by 955,000 people according to TVByTheNumbers and received a 0.6 ratings in the 18-49 demographic. To put things into perspective, the premier of Battle of the Seasons did better. So this is not a […]


Real World Ex-Plosion: Reunion Ratings

MTV made a mess of the reunion by having a “sneak peak” Monday and officially airing it in its regular timeslot on Wednesday. According to TVByTheNumbers, the Wednesday airing pulled in 588,000 viewers and received a rating of 0.4 in the 18-49 demographic. The sneak peak on Monday actually did slightly better according to TVByTheNumbers. […]


The Challenge Free Agents: Top Moments from Episode 1

And we’re back! Another season of The Challenge has begun and that means we’ve got new competitions, new contenders, and new memories. The first episode shocked both the cast and the fans. Let’s check out the top moments from episode 1 on Free Agents. 7. New Country, New Rules The cast arrives in Uruguay, and […]


Free Agents Cast Rankings

Tonight marks the start of a new Challenge season, and with the new “Free Agents” theme I think it’s important to know who the top dogs are as well as the underdogs. So let’s take this opportunity to rank the players from worst to best on Free Agents. Women 14. LaToya – A complete newbie. […]


Which Rookies Have the Best Chance on Free Agents?

Being a rookie can be tough. Usually rookies are the first on the chopping block, but it seems like Free Agents has leveled the playing field. Gone are the days when Johnny Bananas could rally the “mob” to vote in his favor, instead your fate is determined by the draw of a card. So let’s […]


Real World Ex-Plosion: Highest Rated Season in Years

The website FutonCritic recently reported on the success of Real World Ex-Plosion and it looks like this season has proven to be successful for the series and for MTV. The season averaged 1.9 million viewers, and increase of 44% from Real World Portland. The show also averaged a 1.8 rating in the 18-32 demographic (which […]


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