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[MTV]  The Inferno III S14E01 & 2  Unbraided & Ladder Race [bruce_night] 608 x 448.avi_000401234

Throwback: CT or Derrick, Better Bad Ass Asset

This week, we’re going to throw back to The Inferno 3. Many people forget this season even existed, but it did. If you do remember this season you likely remember it for one of two reasons: Derrick getting his first win or CT getting sent home in about 4 hours. The former would not have […]

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Will We Ever Need a Fresh Meat 3?

Now that the presence of Are You The One? kids on The Challenge is all but official, it’s time to start embracing this new crop of Challengers. Even though there are allegedly only 4 on the upcoming 26th  Challenge, opening this door brings the potential of 20 new players to The Challenge. Taking a walk […]


Twists That Could Invade The Real World

Adding the Ex-Plosion twist proved to be a beneficial move for The Real World. It breathed new life into the series and attracted new people to watch the show. Now that we’re guaranteed a 30th Real World season it seems likely that we’ll have some twist again. While I certainly wouldn’t mind a twist, I […]


Diem Brown Battles Cancer for Third Time

I’m not labeling this as a spoiler because this news has been posted on various public sites including There’s no point in hiding it. The cast of Challenge 26 are busy filming, but this Challenge can’t compete with the battle another cast member is preparing to face. Last week, while filming this season of […]


Are You The One Invades The Challenge?!

When Fresh Meat debuted in 2006, we no longer had reason to call “The Challenge” the “Real World/Road Rules Challenge.” Now, it looks like we may be welcoming more fresh faces into The Challenge, and they’re from an entirely difference franchise. Pictured above is the cast of Are You The One, a dating show that […]


Is The Challenge a Relationship Saver?

Based on their social media activity, it’s pretty obvious that Trey and Laura are not on the next Challenge. Rumor has it they were alternates, probably because people forget that The Real World was ever in St. Thomas. After Battle of the Seasons, it seems the two were in a bad place and weren’t talking. […]


Chet’s Wedding Reunites Real World Brooklyn Cast

Chet Cannon is a married man, and most of his roommates from Real World Brooklyn witness him tying the knot. Here, you can see Chet reuniting with Devyn, Baya, and JD as they are among the first to arrive. Ryan and Scott showed up later to pose for an awkward family photo. As Chet prepared […]


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