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The Challenge Free Agents: Episode 1 Ratings

New night, new ratings? Seems like the move to Thursday wasn’t the best one. Episode 1 of Free Agents was watched by 955,000 people according to TVByTheNumbers and received a 0.6 ratings in the 18-49 demographic. To put things into perspective, the premier of Battle of the Seasons did better. So this is not a […]

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The Challenge: Free Agents. Pics from the Trailer Part 2

WARNING: POTENTIAL SPOILERS MTV has released a second trailer (seen here). Though this trailer is only 30 seconds, there is still a lot to be seen. So check out my screen caps showing everything that happened in those 30 seconds. This is the second of two posts recapping the trailers. Here is the first. Be […]


Paula Is Pregnant!

Exciting news from Challenge vet Paula. She is expecting her first child with her fiance! Earlier this week MTV announced her pregnancy on their official blog. Earlier in the year it was announced that Paula was getting married. Looks like 2014 is going to be a huge year from her. Hopefully all of these events […]


10 Real World & Challenge Gifs To Hold You Over Until The Real World Returns

Everyone likes a good GIF, and with the The Real World on hiatus for a week, we need a little entertainment to hold us over. So let me tell you the 10-Step process of dealing with a week without Real World Explosion… in GIF form. Warning: GIFs can load slowly. So if this posts takes […]


Have Thomas & Jamie Found Love on The Real World?

Anyone who has seen previous Real World seasons knows that it’s not uncommon for two roommates to form a bond in the house. Sometimes this bond lasts outside of the house, and other times what happens in The Real World house stays in The Real World house. When Thomas and Jamie initially entered The Real […]


Real World Ex-Plosion Changes Premier Date

Good news for everyone who is anxious for the premier of the upcoming 29th Real World season! TVByTheNumbers is reporting that premier date of the season has been bumped up a week from January 15th to the new date of January 8th. Of course, the show will still be airing on Wednesdays at 10 PM. […]


Jemmye Carroll Visits Dr. Oz

Anyone who has seen her season of The Real World knows that Jemmye has a pretty complicated past. So when she found herself on Dr. Oz, it would seem likely that she would open up about something from her past. Wrong. Her appearance of the show went back to her hatred for ketchup, a phobia […]


Bad Competitors I Can’t Help But Love

On The Challenge we see many successful challengers turn into fan favorites. These individuals often come back, and leave with more winnings in their pocket. Then there are other challengers who try and try again, but never seem to get a victory…or win an elimination… or make it to the final. Here are some of […]


Challenges That Could Have Been

If you’ve been following the latest information on the upcoming Challenge season, you’ll know that there are some people who were almost a part of the cast, but ended up not showing up. This is common, and it happens every season. Throughout Challenge history there have been people who were part of the cast, but […]


Challenge Soul Mates

I recently received an email with an interesting topic for a post from a reader named Supermom. Like many viewers, she has noticed that some Challenge couples aren’t just for show and have lasted off camera. Here’s what she writes: Few reality tv couples stand the test of time. A few MTV Challenge couples that […]


The Challenge Officially Renewed for Season 25

In case the speculation post left you with any doubts, Variety published an article announcing that The Challenge was renewed for another season. This is great news, and goes to show that this old show still has life left in it. After ratings dipped on Battle of the Seasons, they rebounded during Rivals 2. Hopefully […]

ct done

Is CT Done With Challenges?

Shortly after Diem announced that she is done with challenges, CT is also considering calling it quits. According this a recent interview with CT, after finally winning he might be done with the challenges for good. Of course, you never know with CT. He started doing challenges when he filmed The Inferno in 2003. 10 […]


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