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Real World Key West Alum Paula Give Birth to Baby Boy

Congratulations to Paula Beckert (Meronek) who gave birth to her first baby earlier this week! Fans of The Real World may remember Paula from the Key West season or any of the 10 Challenges she appeared on after The Real World. We’ve followed her through her personal development, Challenge wins and losses, and now as […]

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If … Wins Free Agents

The Challenge record book is always evolving. I think it’s interesting to see what achievement will be accomplished if each person wins Free Agents. So let’s check out the ways Challenge history will change depending upon the winner. If Johnny Bananas Wins: He will have the more Challenge victories (5) than any other competitor. He […]


The Challenge Free Agents: Top Moments from Episode 11

The final eliminations before the final. Six stay, four leave. 1. Some Things Wrecked, Others Rejuvenated Right were we left off last time. CT vs. Leroy and Cara Maria vs. Laurel in Wrecking Walls. The men go first, and both fly up the wall. However, CT does so slightly faster and Leroy is sent home. […]

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Introducing the New Cops of 22 Jump Street

They’re tired of The Challenge! So CT and Johnny Bananas have turned in their ever-changing Challenge jersey and earned their badges from 22 Jump Street. Of course, this is a joke. However, Johny and CT were able to participate in a commercial for the upcoming 22 Jump Street movie. Watch it here: 22 Jump Street


The Challenge Free Agents: Episode 7 Ratings

Did the promise of a Jordan/ Johnny battle intrigue people to tune into The Challenge? To some degree, yes. This week’s episode was viewed by 1.14 million people and received a rating of 0.7 in the 18-49 demographic according to TVByTheNumbers. This marks an increase of about 70,000 viewers though the rating remains solid. This […]


The Challenge Free Agents: Episode 6 Ratings

Was trivia enough to draw in more viewers? This week The Challenge was viewed by a total of 1.073 million people and received a rating of 0.7 in the 18-49 demographic. An increase of about 100,000 people and 0.1 in the demo. The Challenge Aftershow was viewed by a total of 644,000 people and received […]


Which Challenger Is the Most GIFable?

2014 is all about the GIF, and some of the Challengers and Real Worlders do a great job of being GIFable. Let’s check out some of people who have proven to be GIF worthy time and time again. Also, I’m 99% sure this post will load slowly for you. That’s how GIFs work, sorry. CT […]


The Challenge Free Agents: Episode 1 Ratings

New night, new ratings? Seems like the move to Thursday wasn’t the best one. Episode 1 of Free Agents was watched by 955,000 people according to TVByTheNumbers and received a 0.6 ratings in the 18-49 demographic. To put things into perspective, the premier of Battle of the Seasons did better. So this is not a […]


The Challenge: Free Agents. Pics from the Trailer Part 2

WARNING: POTENTIAL SPOILERS MTV has released a second trailer (seen here). Though this trailer is only 30 seconds, there is still a lot to be seen. So check out my screen caps showing everything that happened in those 30 seconds. This is the second of two posts recapping the trailers. Here is the first. Be […]


Paula Is Pregnant!

Exciting news from Challenge vet Paula. She is expecting her first child with her fiance! Earlier this week MTV announced her pregnancy on their official blog. Earlier in the year it was announced that Paula was getting married. Looks like 2014 is going to be a huge year from her. Hopefully all of these events […]


10 Real World & Challenge Gifs To Hold You Over Until The Real World Returns

Everyone likes a good GIF, and with the The Real World on hiatus for a week, we need a little entertainment to hold us over. So let me tell you the 10-Step process of dealing with a week without Real World Explosion… in GIF form. Warning: GIFs can load slowly. So if this posts takes […]


Have Thomas & Jamie Found Love on The Real World?

Anyone who has seen previous Real World seasons knows that it’s not uncommon for two roommates to form a bond in the house. Sometimes this bond lasts outside of the house, and other times what happens in The Real World house stays in The Real World house. When Thomas and Jamie initially entered The Real […]


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