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Oh no! New Exes??

Location: Splitsville. Population: 2 That’s right guys! It looks like a fan-favorite couple from The Real World has called it quits, at least from the looks of Twitter posts. If these tweets are any indication, it looks like Johnny and Averey from the Portland season of The Real World have broken up. This news is […]

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RW Portland Final Episode: Top 5 Moments

The end of last night’s episode marked the closing of the 28th season of The Real World. Let’s see what happened on the explosive last episode. 1. Nia VS. Averey: Round 2 At the end of last week’s episode we saw Nia swing at Averey from behind. This week’s episode opened with the continuation of […]


Averey VS Nia- A Case for Either Side

If you’ve check out what fans of The Real World Portland are saying in regards to the fight on Wednesday’s episode, you’ll notice that people have picked sides. Truth be told- I’ve picked a side. But I think a case can be made for either girl being the victor in this battle, and both have […]


Real World Portland Episode 11: Top 5 Moments

The fight we’ve been waiting for! And when it comes to Real World fights, this one delivers. I must say, I can’t think of a fight as intense as this one ever in Real World history. Here are the highlights from last night’s episode. 1. A Pure Choice Last week we saw Jessica get dumped […]


RW Portland Episode 11 Ratings: Hardly Hit

You’d expect a blow-out fight to drive ratings up? I guess it was too little too late for this season of The Real World. According to TVByTheNumbers, a total of 1.01 million people tuned into fight night on MTV. The episode scored a 0.6 rating in the 18-49 demographic. I guess we’ve learned something. Violence […]


RW Portland Episode 10: Top 5 Moments

This week we saw essentially nothing important happen. The best thing about the episode was getting to Marlon better. But let’s check out the important moments from the episode: 1. Hook Ups & Faith Down After a night of clubbing, Marlon finds a charming young girl who he takes home and bangs. While the rest […]


RW Portland Episode 10 Ratings: Divine Intervention

Compared to last week’s episode there was a fairly significant increase in ratings. To be honest, I have not idea why. It’s not like last week’s episode was suspenseful, nor was anything exciting planned for the May 30th episode. According to TVByTheNumbers, the episode pulled in 1.076 million people was scored a 0.6 rating in […]


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