It was 13 years ago that The Real World was filming in Chicago for the first time. This season will mostly be remembered for the cast’s reaction to 9/11, Tonya’s kidney stones, and Aneesa’s love for nudity. Now that another season is filming in Chicago, it’s important to understand that a lot has changed with […]

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The Challenge is now a show dominated by Real World alumni. Each season we see fewer Fresh Meat alum, and we’re lucky if we even get one Road Ruler. For the girls, the competition continues to be ruled by females from Fresh Meat and Road Rules… and of course oddball Camila. It seems nearly impossible […]


It looks like Robin is a no-show for the next Challenge. This veteran just found out some exciting news: she’s pregnant… again! I guess I’m not getting the challenge call for next season lol, it’s all good I’ve got a huge challenge ahead. — RobinHibbard-Coulter (@RobinMTV14) July 4, 2014 You may remember that Robin […]


Some Challengers are great in the daily Challenges. For others, elimination rounds become a necessity for survival. Let’s check out the Challengers who have had to fight the most to stay in the game. 1. Wes Wes has seen a record-breaking 15 elimination rounds, most of which he was voted into because of his mouth. […]


It’s July. Free Agents is over. The Real World should start filming soon, but there’s nothing new airing. Just because we don’t see something on TV doesn’t mean the cogs aren’t turning. So I’ve decided to get the speculation started. Keep in mind, this is mere speculation. Nothing is official until filming starts. Even then, […]


Like most reunions, not a lot happened. It wasn’t live this time and there were no surprise punches. So here’s everything you need to know in 5 minutes or less. 1. Bananas and Laurel are happy they won, not sure what they’ll do with the money. 2. For Devyn, winning was most about heart and […]


After a season of dismal ratings, did Free Agents end on a strong note? According to TVByTheNumbers the final episode was viewed by 1.146 million people and received a rating of 0.7 in the 18-49 demographic. Not great ratings, but about as high as we’ve seen them this season. The final episode was viewed by […]


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