Chet Cannon is a married man, and most of his roommates from Real World Brooklyn witness him tying the knot. Here, you can see Chet reuniting with Devyn, Baya, and JD as they are among the first to arrive. Ryan and Scott showed up later to pose for an awkward family photo. As Chet prepared […]

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If you watched The Duel 2, you saw one of the most gruesome fights ever presented on reality television. During this fight, CT punched his rival Adam in the face, then continued to run through the house trying to find Adam for a second round. As production tried to separate the two and evict them […]


After months of voting, Emily Schromm has finally been named Women’s Health Magazine’s Next Fitness Star. Challenge fans know her as a badass competitor who defeated some of the best and won Rivals 2 alongside partner Paula. Her new title proves that her victory on Rivals 2 was no fluke, years of training have gone […]


Cameras have started rolling for season 30 of The Real World and the cast has been spotted. While little is know about the cast, there are some pictures to prove that they are in Chicago. While the pictures don’t tell much, they do reveal that the cast has 4 girls and 3 guys, at least […]


PLEASE DO NOT POST ANY SPOILERS IN THE COMMENTS. Yes, you may reference the cast, but do not post elimination spoilers. Here we go! The cast of Challenge 26 is en route to their destination. This means it’s time to start revealing names. As I do most season, I want to write a disclaimer: these […]


I keep hearing people who complain that we never see Old Schoolers on The Challenge any more. Cast members who we once saw season-after-season are now doing different things and are reluctant to come back, and for good reason. Truth is, there have been a lot of changes to the Challenge environment and I can’t […]


Much like I did last week, I am going to use this time between seasons to discuss some hot topics from previous Challenge seasons. This week, I wanted to look at what is perhaps the most controversial decision made on The Challenge: disqualifying the veterans from the Gauntlet 3 final. After Big Easy collapsed during […]


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