Jonathan Murray Talks About Recent Real World Changes


In a recent interview Rolling Stone caught up with Jonathan Murray, co-creator of The Real World. As someone who has been involved in all 29 Real World seasons he spoke about the success of the show and the recent changes in the series.

I encourage you to read his entire interview. However, I know that you really just want the Cliff Notes, so here you go:

  • He is just as shocked as everyone else that The Real World has lasted 29 seasons.
  • He acknowledges that The Real World needed a change. The original concept of strangers living in a house together has become a reality TV commonplace.
  • There were many twists discussed before production finally settled on the exes twist.
  • He wanted to show that the show is still real. Hence the inclusion of cameramen, interview questions, and discussions about the fact that they’re filming a show. Everything on The Real World is still shot in one take.
  • Season 30 is not official yet, but production is preparing for the possibility that the contract will be renewed.
  • As long as MTV wants the show, he’ll make it. Same goes for the Challenge.

Do yourself a favor and just read the article!



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