Every ‘Of Love’ Winner Ranked

Right now we’re in the middle of a dry season. We don’t have a lot of news coming out of MTV, but there’s been a small reassurance of news from an old VH1 franchise. Lacey and Heather from Rock of Love started a podcast called “Talk of Love.” Megan Hauserman from Rock of Love 2, I Love Money, Rock of Love: Charm School, and Megan … Continue reading Every ‘Of Love’ Winner Ranked

Jenn Grijalva: One of the Best or Worst?

In the middle years of The Challenge, there were a lot of big names who never quite got a gold medal. One of the more notable names is Jenn Grijalva, an alumnae from Real World: Denver. She quickly became notable for her feisty attitude and ability to perform. While she had a few notable successes on field, she had just as many disappointments. Over the … Continue reading Jenn Grijalva: One of the Best or Worst?

Is Jordan the Greatest Challenger of All Time?

Jordan is cocky, arrogant, rude, and great at this game. In his five season on the show, he has won three times. This means he has won as many times as CT, won more money than CT, but done it in less than half the number of seasons as CT. Bananas may have won more than Jordan, but Bananas currently has a 32% win rate. … Continue reading Is Jordan the Greatest Challenger of All Time?

Is Another Fresh Meat Coming?

If you watched War of the Worlds 2 during its original run, you might remember commercials advertising Challenge-sponsored Spartan Races and a “chance to appear on a future season of The Challenge.” We know this has no impact on season 35, but does it mean anything for season 36? A bunch of Challengers showed up to sponsor the events. We had Tony & Jemmye, Brad … Continue reading Is Another Fresh Meat Coming?

Five Seasons With Dark Undertones

A lot has happened on The Challenge, some aired and some unaired. Every season has its share of drama, but some seasons take it to the next level. These are the seasons why Challengers fall victim to series of misfortunes, unhappy events occur, lives get ruined due to the drama. While some of these events are aired during episodes, other seasons have events swept under … Continue reading Five Seasons With Dark Undertones

Is Casey the Worst Challenger Ever?

When it comes to awful competitors, a few names people into people’s heads. If you go back about a decade, Casey would likely be named the worst. She hasn’t done a season since 2009, but her legacy lives on. She is still regarded as one of the worst, but there have been many competitors who have given her a run for her money since. A … Continue reading Is Casey the Worst Challenger Ever?

Camila Nakagawa Pregnant

Challenge alumnae Camila Nakagawa has shared some exiting news: She’s pregnant! She told People Magazine that she is expecting her first child in Summer 2020. Camila, who has been absent from The Challenge for about three years, has been traveling since winning Dirty Thirty and getting kicked off Champs vs. Stars. Now, she is entering her next challenge, motherhood. Camila admits this was an unplanned … Continue reading Camila Nakagawa Pregnant