Can Anyone Defeat Bananas & Sarah?

Of the last 4 challenges, we’ve seen one team win three times. That team is Bananas & Sarah, and with the final rapidly approaching we’ve their biggest competition leave the game. Now that there’s only four teams left, it seems there is less competition than ever for Bananas & Sarah. At the beginning of the…

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Rivals 3: Episode 12 Ratings

We’re getting close to the end. Episode 12 of Rivals 3 was viewed by 798,000 people and received a rating of 0.44 in the 18-49 demographic. The Aftershow was viewed by people 385,000 and received a 0.21 rating in the 18-49 demographic. A small bump up, hopefully the finals bring increases.

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Rivals 3: Top Moments from Episode 12

The cast is leaving for Argentina, but only four teams can make it. Who won’t catch the  flight? 1. Zaching Off Being in Mexico away from family can be tough, and Jenna has been struggling the whole season to keep in touch with her boyfriend Zach. Communication has been choppy, and he even answered the…

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Challenge 29: Wild Cast Speculation

Alright guys! I’ve debated posting this for a while, as there are always plenty of cast rumors that emerge prior to departure for a Challenge season. Right now, availability calls for the 29th Challenge season have gone one. Very little is known about this season right now. It is believed that the season will begin…

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Rivals 3: Episode 11 Ratings

More challenge than drama this week. Did people watch? Episode 11 was viewed by 767,000 people. The episode received a rating of 0.43 in the 18-49 demographic. The Challenge: Greatest Moments special was viewed by 456,000 people and received a rating 0.26 of in the 18-49 demographic. A definite drop in ratings, but still not…

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Rivals 3: Top Moments from Episode 11

Two Jungle and a challenge. Is this the same show we were watching last week? 1. Wound Too Tight Cory draws the black skull, so he and Ashley compete against Nate & Christina in an elimination called Spun Out. In this elimination, one one partner spins a spool attached to a rope which makes it more difficult…