The Challenge: Final Reckoning Trailer Breakdown

As I’ve done with prior seasons, I have giving you a second-by-second analysis of the trailer for the upcoming Challenge season: Final Reckoning. While there are no “spoilers” here, it’s incredibly easy to draw some conclusions from this post. If you’re trying to stay 100% spoiler-free, this may not be the post for you.Welcome to South Africa! Reminder of Dirty Thirty, part 1 of the … Continue reading The Challenge: Final Reckoning Trailer Breakdown

The Challenge: Free Agents. Pics from the Trailer.

WARNING: POTENTIAL SPOILERS The trailer (seen here) for the upcoming Challenge: Free Agents is a quick one minute long. A lot happens in those 60 seconds, and if you blink you’ll miss some of the content. Want a closer look? No problem. I’ve slowed everything down and taken screen shots of the trailer. Be warned, this may result in you being able to figure out … Continue reading The Challenge: Free Agents. Pics from the Trailer.

MORE Rivals 2 Trailer Pics

Alright guys. If you watched the Real World Portland reunion you may have noticed the trailer for Rivals 2 they aired at the end was different than the original one. Here are some pics from that trailer. I only included scenes that were not included in the first trailer, as I’ve already posted that. The jumping mission. Aneesa reaction to someone falling. Aneesa and Emily … Continue reading MORE Rivals 2 Trailer Pics

Rivals 2 Trailer- Breakdown

In case you didn’t know, MTV has posted the Rivals 2 trailer here. Things go by too fast for you? Luckily, I’m here to give your screencaps of the trailer. WARNING, there might be some spoilers here, but ultimately everything was shown in the trailer. Hello Emily! Marlon, Jordan, Jonna, Nany Robb & Tyrie in an elimination round. Paula & Emily, Camila Cast jumping onto … Continue reading Rivals 2 Trailer- Breakdown