Ten Worst Challenge Twists Ever

Each season, we see the format get tweaked a little bit. While some elements of the game have become mainstays since their introduction (like eliminations or overnight finals), others only appeared once or for a ¬†handful of seasons. These are the elements introduced to trick cast members and make a season different from its predecessors. A twist isn’t going to be the core format of … Continue reading Ten Worst Challenge Twists Ever

Is it Time to Reevaluate Final Challenges?

On Total Madness, nine people made it to the final. Two people won, and viewers saw two separate races: day 1 and day 2. Total Madness took the final into a cold climate, something fairly unique, but we’ve seen it in the past. Rewatch Battle of the Exes or Free Agents (all on CBS All Access now!!) and you’ll see them trekking through snow during … Continue reading Is it Time to Reevaluate Final Challenges?

Food Fight! Ten Challenge Controversies Surrounding Food

If you put 30+ people in a house, there’s a few things guaranteed to happen. People will fight, hook up, and get hungry. Every so often we see food cause an argument, or at the very least, add a little fuel to the fire. These are the time when meals get ruined and fights get started. Whether the food was the reason for the fight … Continue reading Food Fight! Ten Challenge Controversies Surrounding Food

Camila Nakagawa Gives Birth to Baby Boy

Camila is a mother! After announcing her pregnancy in February, shortly before quarantine, it’s hard to remember a time when she wasn’t pregnant. If you follow her on social media, you’ll know she has spend a lot of time indoors dancing around with her baby bump. Now, Kai Aiden has come to join the world. Camila has planned to have a natural birth, but according … Continue reading Camila Nakagawa Gives Birth to Baby Boy

Dee Nguyen Banned From The Challenge

Over the past week and weekend, Dee posted a series of racially insensitive tweets in wake of the Black Lives Matter movement, murder of George Floyd, and injustices to the black community. MTV’s official Challenge Twitter has announced they’re severing their ties with Dee: This season of The Challenge will continuing airing as normal, but beyond this, Dee is gone. The whole Twitter fiasco has … Continue reading Dee Nguyen Banned From The Challenge

20 Blockbuster Challenge Eliminations

TJ Lavin stated he’d been waiting for over decade for Bananas to face Wes in elimination, and the moment finally arrived on Total Madness. If it wasn’t a spoiler, this would have been a headline for the season and showcased in every promo. This is a event, and certainly a moment generating buzz around the The Challenge. Throughout Challenge history, we’ve seen various clashes of … Continue reading 20 Blockbuster Challenge Eliminations

Camila Nakagawa Pregnant

Challenge alumnae Camila Nakagawa has shared some exiting news: She’s pregnant! She told People Magazine that she is expecting her first child in Summer 2020. Camila, who has been absent from The Challenge for about three years, has been traveling since winning Dirty Thirty and getting kicked off Champs vs. Stars. Now, she is entering her next challenge, motherhood. Camila admits this was an unplanned … Continue reading Camila Nakagawa Pregnant

Cutthroat: One of the Best or Worst Seasons?

In The Challenge world, season 30 was a spectacle. It was a marking of the show’s success and a sign of its longevity. Just ten seasons earlier, when the show hit seasons twenty, the milestone was ignored. Season 20 gave us the theme “Cutthroat.” It was a unique theme, and one that’s beloved by many longterm fans. Despite the lasting impact, the season was somewhat … Continue reading Cutthroat: One of the Best or Worst Seasons?

Game Changers: Dirty Thirty

Dirty Thirty seems like a very recent season to me, but we’ve now seen four seasons following it. It’s safe to say this season had a long-term impact of the Challenge series and its effects still impact current seasons. I would even argue that this season began the modern era of The Challenge and retired a few elements of older seasons. Looking back on the … Continue reading Game Changers: Dirty Thirty

Ten Challenges Where Someone Could Have Died

The Challenge has instilled the fear of death into many of its competitors. Usually, it’s just part of the competition and the games are safe. Then there are the times when things go wrong and competitors end up in a compromising situation. There have been multiple times over the years when viewers were actually worried about the welfare of competitors. These competitors had some near-death … Continue reading Ten Challenges Where Someone Could Have Died

Every Challenge Season Renamed as a Friends Episode

Welcome to 2020, and we’re beginning the year with a brief break between Challenge seasons. Don’t worry, Season 35 is on the way (rumored in March), but you won’t be able to fill your time by watching Friends on Netflix. That show has left the streaming service, but it has certainly left an impression on the landscape of television. As fun activity, I’m going to … Continue reading Every Challenge Season Renamed as a Friends Episode

Twenty Most Important Challengers of the Decade

With 2020 right around the corner, it only seems right to remember the past decade of Challenges. To do this, I want to celebrate the twenty Challengers who made the biggest impact this decade. I am only assessing people based on shows aired from 2010-2019. In other words, it’s Fresh Meat 2 until War of the Worlds 2. So CT punching Adam doesn’t matter on … Continue reading Twenty Most Important Challengers of the Decade