Champs vs. Stars 2: Episode 6 Ratings

Will people continue to watch now that Devin is gone? Episode 6 was viewed by 564,000 people with a rating of 0.32 in the 18-49 demographic. A small increase from last week, but overall this season hasn’t had great ratings.


Is the Red Team Too Weak to Compete?

While the Blue Team continues to be a dysfunctional mess, they have one saving grace: they’re really strong. Louise, Casper, Wes, Booby, and Ashley (when she tries) are among the best competitors on the show. The Red Team works well together, but their weakest players are dragging them down. Jozea was accused of being the…

Champs vs. Stars 2: MVPs from Episode 5

Ashley is back with a vengeance, but does it matter? It’s a guys elimination week. The Challenge: Jumbo Table Hockey– It’s like table hockey in the sense that sticks have a limited range of motion. Six players at a time. Blue team scores the only goal, making them the winner. The Elimination: Poppin’ Tags– Wes…