Tony & Alyssa Get Engaged

Big news for Tony! I appears he has finally popped the question to Alyssa, and she said YES! Pretty much all Challenge fans know Tony. They’ve seen his past but they’ve also seen him turn into a family man and a member of Team Dad Bod. Challenge fans may also recognize Alyssa who briefly appears on the Dirty Thirty reunion and was one of Tony’s … Continue reading Tony & Alyssa Get Engaged

Madison Giving Custody of Her & Tony’s Daughter to Her Parents

I have been avoiding this topic, as I viewed it as deeply personal. However, Radar online has published the story so I wanted to touch upon it.Madison has posted an Instagram story last night reading: “All my truth will soon be revealed. Alot to told and owned. But only healing and a beautiful life to come from all the pain i am overcoming. All i … Continue reading Madison Giving Custody of Her & Tony’s Daughter to Her Parents

Which Skeletons/ Bloodline Is The Worst?

Real World Skeletons and Real World Bad Blood introduced us to cast members who have some tumultuous past relationships. While some cast members had awful experiences, others got off easy. Between the two seasons, we’ve been a bunch of enemies who stem from different relationships, and now it’s time to pick the worst. The Best: 1. A Sibling (Bruno, Nicole & Madison’s Skeleton, Katrina’s Bad Blood)Being paired … Continue reading Which Skeletons/ Bloodline Is The Worst?

Tony Raines Expecting Child #2

This year, Tony welcomed baby #1 when Madison gave birth to baby Harper in February. Now, his family is growing once again. The mother? Alyssa from Real World Skeletons. Alyssa came to the house as a surprise to Tony, and as a “skeleton” because she was his ex. She received an edit that painted her as slightly obsessed with Tony. Apparently the feeling was mutual. … Continue reading Tony Raines Expecting Child #2

Why Is the Skeletons Absent From the Challenge?

The Challenge seems to have a new star: Tony. However, his roommates from his stay in Chicago seem to be missing. Between Bloodlines and Rivals 3, Tony has been cast on both. The other six were noticeably absent. Granted, Madison was pregnant during the filming of Rivals 3 so she could not possibly be on the cast, but where are the rest? Bruno and his … Continue reading Why Is the Skeletons Absent From the Challenge?

The World Welcomes Baby Tadison

Madison from Real World Skeletons has given birth! Madison and Tony welcomed baby Tadison, or formally known as Harper Marilyn-Delaney Walls, yesterday. As expected, she is adorable. While this little girl is just making her debut in this world, she does already have her own Instagram. Congratulations to Madison and Tony, their little girl is beautiful. I hope to see her on Real World: The Next … Continue reading The World Welcomes Baby Tadison

Tony & Madison Break Up

Oh no! Looks like the power couple from Real World Skeletons has broken up! Shortly after Madison’s pregnancy was announced, Tony took to Instagram to Instagram to announce their break up: So, despite telling us that they have broken up, Tony is leaving it up to Madison to reveal the truth behind the break up. While this reason is in no way confirmed, hints may … Continue reading Tony & Madison Break Up