Seven Ugliest Exes Moments

When exes are forced to work together, you’re bound to have some bad fights. Of course, that happened this season. Let’s take a look at some of the worst: 7. Johnny Brings Up and Old Grudge- After Rachel tried to get Johnny voted off of the Island in 2008, Johnny couldn’t forget. When Johnny became power couple, he and Camila decided to target Rachel & … Continue reading Seven Ugliest Exes Moments

Who’s a Good Guy? Who’s a Bad Ass?

Back in the day, The Inferno challenges used to divide the teams up by who was a good guy and who was a bad ass. Looking at the Exes cast, we have a bunch people people that could fit into these categories. Bad Asses CT– even though he’s been better this season, he’s usually the first to throw a punch. He no stranger to fighting, … Continue reading Who’s a Good Guy? Who’s a Bad Ass?

Who Had the Most Fight in the Battle of the Exes?

On last night’s final the season champions were crowned. It was a tight race, but the winners of the challenge were……. ………. Johnny & Camila! After being pushed to extremes in the final challenge, the two of them were able to reach the top of an Icelandic mountain and take home a victory. Johnny now ties Darrell for the most challenge victories while Camila celebrates … Continue reading Who Had the Most Fight in the Battle of the Exes?

Johnny & Mark: The Fight is ON

Tonight’s episode of Battle of the Exes will feature the elimination round that we’ve been waiting for all season: Johnny & Camila vs. Mark & Robin. Who will win? I don’t know, but here’s my thoughts. Johnny: He’s no stranger to elimination rounds. In fact, he’s no stranger to the last elimination round of the season (Rivals &The the last male Ruins). Sometimes we loses, … Continue reading Johnny & Mark: The Fight is ON