Real World San Diego 2

Real World La Jolla

It appears that MTV is heading back to San Diego for its 26th season for the show. The crew is moving into the new house, and filming should be starting soon. Below is a picture of the rumored house.



Personally, I support the idea of going to San Diego again. All of the California seasons have been good, and it’s a great atmosphere for the Real World, especially for a season that should be airing in the early winter.

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  1. Repeats every 1 day was not intuitive to me what the sonced box was for. At first, I assumed it was how many days it would repeat and I was thinking this is a bad way to set the number of days. I am not sure the Repeats every n days is worth having on there.-Is never the right default for when the entry ends? I would suggest that if its daily, the following day would be a good default 2 day events are more common than never ending events. If its weekly, maybe never is the right default but indefinitely is probably the more accurate term. It repeats until we cancel it, but we aren’t sure when that will be, so its indefinite.

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