Real Worlders I Want On a Challenge

A couple of days ago MTV’s remote control blog did a special on Real Worlders that they want on a challenge. Here are the roomies that I miss the most and wish we’d see on a challenge:

Anyone that watched season 10 of the Real World may remember The Miz or Coral as the stand out cast members. Now Coral has a reputation of being the biggest bitch on the challenge, but when she was living in New York her homie Nicole was the big bad bitch of the house. She was whiny, complainy, and would definitely stir something up on a challenge.

Only one challenge appearance from a RW Philly girl has ever been made, and I want to see a fresh Philly face on the show. Sarah was one of the more interesting people on the Philly season and I’d rather see her conquer a challenge than another gay man.

Here’s another one of the more controversial Real Worlders to ever be on the show. Trisha acted like the queen of Australia when she was on the Sydney season of the Real World, and she got sent home for shoving on of her roomies. Maybe she could put that fight to use on a challenge?

Greg from the Hollywood season cause a lot of trouble. Whether it was fighting with his roommate or stealing their underwear. He eventually got fired from his job, but this take-no-shit guy might be interesting on a challenge.

Veteran Ryan was a fan favorite on the Real World Brooklyn. She has since been deployed back to the military and discharged. He’s no stranger to a fight, and might be a bigger threat than he appears.

The challenges seem to be lacking in girls stronger than Laurel or Evelyn. I think if anyone has a chance of taking those two down it’s Ashlee. She was captain of a division 1 basketball team and was clearly the most athletic person on the second Real World New Orleans. I think she has a good chance of making it to the final.

Who do you want to see make their challenge debut?

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