Veterans Without a Win

There have been over 20 challenges so far, and plenty of people that have never won one. However, there are some people that keep trying and trying and have never managed to cross a finish line. This blog is a dedication to those that have never won, but have competed in 5 or more challenges.

Robin has competed in 8 challenges (prior to Battle of the Exes) and never won. She was on the losing team on The Gauntlet 3 that crossed the finish line first but didn’t win because they had an incomplete team. Maybe she’ll be able to win Exes with a stellar partner like Mark.

Finals Competed In: The Gauntlet 2, The Gauntlet 3, The Island

Aneesa has competed in 7 previous challenges. It seems like she makes it really far on her more difficult challenges, but she tends to slack off with larger teams. Hopefully the partner format works out well for her this time around.

Finals Competed In: The Gauntlet 2, The Duel 2

Some love her, some hate her, but Beth has never won, and she’s tried 7 times. I think she always finds (or puts) herself in bad situations, but she is a force to be reckoned with. In the right environment she could win.

Finals Competed In: The Real World/ Road Rules Challenge

CT has done 7 challenges so far (and got kicked off of 2), and with no luck. If he kept his mouth shut I’m sure he would have won by now but his big ego seems to always get in the way.

Finals Competed In: The Inferno, The Inferno 2, The Gauntlet 3

Another heavy-hitter, Tina has competed in 5 challenges (well, she only competed on 2 Duel challenges before getting kicked off), but has yet to win. She admits that running isn’t her strong-point, but she has come close to a victory a couple of times.

Finals Competed In: The Inferno 2, Fresh Meat

Jenn has been able to avoid elimination rounds all together on her last few challenges, and made it to the end of quite a few. Just because you’re in the final doesn’t mean you’re going to win it, and Jenn is a prime example of that.

Finals Competed In: The Island, Fresh Meat 2, Cutthroat, Rivals

Adam K. keeps trying to win a challenge. He’s shown up 6 times and usually doesn’t even make it half way. He came close to the final when CT was his partner on Rivals, but lost the last Jungle.

Finals Competed In: The Gauntlet 3

Eric is best known for collapsing during the Gauntlet 3 final and losing it for the veteran team. Even though he has shown up since then(making a total of 5 challenges), I wouldn’t recommend it because no on can look past this.

Finals Competed In: The Gauntlet 3

What’s Ryan best known for? I have no idea. But it’s certainly not for winning any of his 5 challenges.

Finals Competed In: The Island

Danny have never even won an elimination round. He has lost a total of 5 challenges, 6 if you count marriage.

Finals Competed In: None

Diem will be on the upcoming season of Battle of the Exes. Could this be the winner? She’s tried 5 times before, but it took both Tonya and Derrick 6 tries to win.

Finals Competed In: The Gauntlet 3


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