Johnny Bananas

The Real Johnny Bananas

See any similarities between the two? MTV’s Johnny Bananas thinks so.

According to the MTV blog, the show Entourage is featuring a cartoon called “Johnny’s Bananas.” Real World Johnny thinks the character is designed after him. He claims that he has been a douche bag on TV for over 5 years building the Johnny Bananas personality and he doesn’t want Entourage to steal this persona from him, and he is taking them to court if they don’t want to stop using it.

Entourage denies modeling their character after Johnny. They also claim that Johnny Devenanzio (Real World Johnny) does not own the name Johnny Bananas and have asked the judge to drop the case.

I must admit, I do see some similarities between Johnny’s appearance and the animated gorilla.

Next time you see Johnny with a t-shirt reading “The Real Johnny Bananas” you’ll know why.


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