Battle of the Exes

Robin’s Real World

It was 8 years ago that Robin first appeared on her season of The Real World in San Diego. Here’s what she looked like then…

Robin was a Tampa Bay party girl on her season. In fact she got arrested on her season on the same night that Brad to arrested, and the two arrests were not related at all. She was not really romantically involved with her roommates, but she did find a nice marine named Mike that she spent a lot of time with during her season.

Here’s Robin now…

Now, she is on Battle of the Exes which is the 10th show she’s appeared on (9th challenge). She has yet to win a challenge, but with a strong partner named Mark she might be making money this time around. Here are some fun facts about Robin:

On The Real World San Diego she was romantically involved with a marine named Mike. On the Island she was romantically involved with a marine named Dan (from Road Rules Viewer’s Revenge.

While she has never won a challenge, she competed in the final challenge on The Gauntlet 2, The Gauntlet 3, and The Island. She only made money on The Gauntlet 2

On The Real World San Diego her BFF was Cameran. On the Gauntlet 3 her BFF was Katie.

On all of her challenges she was scared of having to leave. On her Real World season she was scared she wouldn’t be able to leave because of her charges after she punched a bouncer.

On both the Duel 1 and The Duel 2 she went into the second female Duel. She won on the Duel 1, but we sent home on the Duel 2. According to Fresh Meat’s Ryan she was worried she was pregnant. Turns out she was! Robin now has a baby boy.

Robin has competed in more challenges than anyone else without winning.

During Battle of the Sexes 2 Coral called Robin out for under performing in a challenge. On The Duel 1 Robin called Aneesa out for being too much of a minority.

Any other fun facts about Robin? Make sure to comment!

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