Lovers at the Finish Line

I know it’s kind of early to think about Exes at the finish line, but let’s take a trip down memory lane and remember the couples that have won a challenge together. Usually when a couple shows up to a challenge together they make themselves a target because they always vote together. However, there have been a few times when couple have either avoided this target or been able to survive a bunch of elimination rounds to make it to the end together.


Dave & Cara- The Gauntlet

One the first season of The Gauntlet, Dave and Cara showed up together as an item. While the two never dated on Road Rules South Pacific, they were very much committed to each other on The Gauntlet. While Dave was able to avoid all Gauntlets, Cara was voted into two, including the last one before the final. Cara expected to cry if she was sent home, but fortunately he never shed a tear. Both of them went home with their cut of the final check and a brand new car.

Theo & Sarah- The Gauntlet

The Gauntlet had two couples cross the finish line together. While Dave and Cara were openly a couple, Theo and Sarah tried their hardest to keep their relationship under covers. The two thought their relationship was a secret, but the entire cast knew that they weren’t just playing “crossword puzzles” when they said that’s what they were doing. Much like Dave, Theo avoided all Gauntlets but Sarah was the Gauntlet Queen having won 5 Gauntlets.

Randy & Kina- The Gauntlet 2

They were one part Real World, one part Road Rules, and 100% winners. When the Rookies team won the second Gauntlet, this couple both became challenge champions. While Randy avoided all Gauntlets, Kina was sent into 3 Gauntlet and even had to take out Cara who won the first Gauntlet. It all paid off in the long run…literally.

Frank & Jillian- The Gauntlet 3

It seems like every season of the Gauntlet has a power couple that wins together, and Frank and Jillian were the winners on The Gauntlet 3. Unlike the other males, Frank had to go into a bunch of Gauntlets, as did Jillian. The two quickly became the leaders of the team…or the dictators depending on who you ask. Maybe they couldn’t stop their team from voting them into The Gauntlet, but they could stop the team from beating them in a Gauntlet.

Brad & ToriCutthroat

It took Brad 8 seasons to finally win a challenge, and when he did win, it was with his wife Tori (who won her first challenge). Like most of the males on this list, Brad never had to go into an elimination round, but Tori did find herself in the season’s most memorable Gulag when she had to face hard-hitter Tina. Even though the red team got killed in most of the challenges they were able to pull off a victory on the season’s final challenge.


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