10 Freakiest Freakouts

In next week’s episode of Battle of the Exes it looks like miss Camila will be freaking out because Johnny isn’t paying her enough attention. Here’s a quick look:

Freakout aren’t always fights. Rather, they’re when one person loses their cool and goes crazy! We’ve seen a bunch on past challenges, but there are some that really stand out.

10. Jasmine & Jonna vs Camila & Theresa

Never call Jonna by the wrong name, because it can snowball into a big ordeal. When Camila accidentally called Jonna “Jasmine” both Jonna and Jasmine started to attack Camila. So, Camila’s partner Theresa started screaming at the other two girls which really pissed off Houston girl Jasmine. She didn’t punch Camila or Theresa, but she did punch a mirror. Maybe that’s why she hasn’t had great luck on challenges.

9. CT Screams His Way Home

The Duel was a prime example of how Diem kept CT grounded. After Diem left, CT lost the final Duel due to a “bogus technicality.” When CT noticed that Wes was happy he was leaving he started to attack Wes’s relationship with Johanna and told Wes that his younger brother wanted to “choke the shit” out of him. I guess that was just another bump in Wes’s road to $150,000.

8. Belou’s a Good Motha Yo!

On Battle of the Seasons a hurricane came that kept the cast trapped in their house. Belou from Road Rule Europe, who brought her baby with her, left the baby in a crib next to a glass door. When power couple Holly & Chadwick decided to comment on how unsafe it was to leave a baby next to glass during a tropical storm Belou flipped out using the few English words she knew…swears.

7. Laurel Wants Paula to Cry

When the Rivals cast went to Argentina tension was definitely in the air. After a bunch of cast members made fun of Laurel’s partner Cara Maria, Laurel decided to take a stand for her teammate. How? By pointing out all of Paula’s flaws and making her cry. Paula was upset and Laurel said some evil things, but Cara Maria was left alone.

6. Wes Wants Revenge

After winning the Duel, Wes took some time off before returning for the Ruins. As soon as he got to the challenge he started fighting with Kenny (who hooked up with Johanna on the Island). His whole team started to hate him after her tried to throw the first challenge and things boiled to the point that Darrell was going to fight Wes. The two never actually fought, but Darrell did get sent home for fighting Brad later on in the season.

5. Katie’s Gloves Come Out While Veronica’s Shirt is Off

On The Inferno, after Katie was sent into her second Inferno, she got so mad that she decided to express her frustrations toward Veronica (who was topless). Veronica spent the later half of the challenge trying to get rid of Katie. Katie told Veronica off by calling her a “Short, squatty, acne-face ridden cocaine sniffer.” The two couldn’t really communicate for the remainder of the challenge, but they both did win the final challenge.

4. Beth’s Clothes Go Swimming.

Beth stirs the pot every time she’s on a challenge. We know this. When she decided to tell Robin that Tonya had hooked up with Mark, Tonya decided to get revenge. When Beth refused to talk to Tonya, Tonya took all of Beth’s luggage and threw it in the pool. Luckily, Rachel was there to remind Tonya to take Beth’s clothes out of the suitcase so they wouldn’t stay afloat.

3. CT Packs a Punch

On The Duel 2, CT and Adam were rivals before they entered the house. When CT found out that Adam was airing his dirty laundry to Diem he wanted to get rid of his rival. By killing him. CT punched Adam in the face and chased him all around the house in a bloody hunt for revenge. Both ended up leaving the house.

2. David E. Won’t Be Tooken Spit in the Face

On Battle of the Sexes, David E. got into a heated fight with Puck. Unsurprisingly, Puck started making jokes about David’s mom but David then said that Puck beat his girlfriend. Puck spit in David face after making a comment like that and David thought this was grounds for Puck getting kicked of the show. Production had to be called in, but the majority of the cast sided with Puck and he was allowed to stay. Because Puck didn’t get the boot, David quit the game.

1. Jo’s Calling the Police

It’s rare that someone other than the cast and production sets foot in a challenge house. No one really knows what set Jo off, but she was not feeling The Gauntlet 2. While the entire cast was partying, she was packing up to leave. When cast members like Ruthie tried to talk some sense into Jo she kept saying not to manhandle her (NOTE: no one touched her). Eventually she said she’d call the police and sue the island for Trinidad if she could not leave. So, she challenge the police and got escorted off of the show. Never has someone wanted to leave so badly.

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