Road Rules

Road Rulers on Challenges

We have a new addition to the endangered species list: Road Rulers. Although we only have 3 on this season we saw 0 appear on Rivals.

For a while the challenges were Real World vs. Road Rules, so every time there was a new challenge we saw an equal amount of Roadies and Roomies. Although the Battle of the Sexes seasons were guys vs. gals, there was an equal mix of the two shows. However, now we seldom see Road Rulers on the challenges.

Road Rules is now permanently canceled. After Road Rules Xtreme the show went on hiatus. In 2007 the show was revived with the Viewers Revenge season, but that season failed and now franchise is over.

Considering the fact that we haven’t had a new season since 2007, I understand the decline in Roadies on the challenges. However, some of my favorite challengers were from Road Rules.

So, while it’s very likely that we will never see another season of Road Rules we must be thankful for what the series has given us. Many of the best challenge moments are thanks for former Roadies. The few Roadies that will appear on future challenges will serve as reminders of a great series that is no longer with us.

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