Diem: AM to PM

So far, throughout the season I’ve been profiling some of the cast members from Battle of the Exes, and here’s today’s lady: Diem!

Diem first appeared on the original season of Fresh Meat where she was partnered with Derrick. The team did really well, but she was paired with Derrick who was notorious for losing during the last elimination round prior to the final, and that exactly what happened. It was during this season that Diem revealed that she was battling ovarian cancer. After that season she received chemotherapy and started her charity: liveforthechallenge. She appeared on the next challenge, The Duel, where she began dating her now-ex CT. Their relationship has had its ups and downs, but it’s all time low was during The Duel 2 when CT hooked up with Shauvon on the roof. Although they were broken up at the time, the feelings were clearly still there.

Pictured above is Diem with her Battle of the Exes partner. A lot had changed since she first started doing challenges. Let’s look at some fun facts about Diem:

  • Diem grew up in Hollywood California where the stars live. This is an appropriate place for her because she dreams of being a TV host.
  • On Fresh Meat Wes picked Casey over her. On The Duel Aneesa sent her home. Annesa was in Wes’ alliance.
  • Diem was rumored to be hooking up with Derrick on Fresh Meat prior to meeting CT.
  • Like many of the Fresh Meat kids, Diem originally applied for the Real World. She would have been considered for the Austin season.
  • Diem was the last girl eliminated on Fresh Meat & The Duel. On The Ruins she was the first girl eliminated.
  • The only time she made it to a final was on The Gauntlet 3 when her team (the veterans) were eliminated for having an incomplete team cross the finish line.
  • Diem has earned the nickname “Diem in the PM” because of her love for dancing and partying.
  • Although she has these loves, she was also raised in a very conservative environment.
  • During The Duel we saw Diem bald from her cancer treatments. Here’s what she looked like:

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