5 Ways to Guarentee a Seat on the Early Flight

Being a rookie on the challenges can be hard. While there are many times when the rookies earn their spot in the elimination rounds, here are some of the mistakes that people make that end up sending them home.

1. Make a dumb alliance. It does make sense to try and rally up all of the other rookies and make an alliance. However, it never works out. Usually the rookies are outnumbered to begin with, and once one of the vets catch on, your ass is grass.

2. Make challenge a honeymoon. Nobody wants to see puppy love on the show. It’s a distraction, liability, and overall bad idea. Plus, you’re always going to vote with your partner which puts a big target on your back.

3. Blackout on the first night. Remember Derrick on Battle of the Sexes 2? Well, whenever someone gets way too drunk as soon as they get there you know that they’re trouble. Therefore, they’re probably going into an elimination round.

4. FIGHT! As much I enjoy a good fight, whenever anyone starts to put up a fuss about potentially going into an elimination round they are digging their own grave. It’s kind of a self fulfilling prophecy.

5. Suck. Some people go home early because they suck. Remember, this is a competition. If you’re going to suck in the challenges you’re probably going home early.

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