Battle of the Exes List

Seven Ugliest Exes Moments

When exes are forced to work together, you’re bound to have some bad fights. Of course, that happened this season. Let’s take a look at some of the worst:

7. Johnny Brings Up and Old Grudge- After Rachel tried to get Johnny voted off of the Island in 2008, Johnny couldn’t forget. When Johnny became power couple, he and Camila decided to target Rachel & Aneesa for that very reason. Johnny claims that for him, relationships stay the same as you last left them. An upset Rachel ran every possibility by Johnny in an attempt to save her ass, even bringing up her ally Mark’s name, but it wasn’t enough to get her out of The Dome.

6. Wes Talks His Way Into the First Dome- After losing the first challenge, Wes tried to intimidate Camila into keeping him out of the Dome. Johnny was not a fan of Wes talking to her partner in such a way, and Wes earned his way into the Dome. Fortunately for Wes, he won that Dome. However, he was not match for Leroy in the second Dome. Perhaps if Wes kept his mouth shut he would have stayed longer.

5. CT & Diem’s Word Vomit- While out at a bar, CT and Diem started fighting. One thing lead to another, and the two started to point out every flaw in each other. Once Diem brought out the Duel 2 incident, CT started to talk about how his family hated her. I guess Diem finally got attacked by the beast she used to tame.

4. Jasmine’s Fists Fly- Jasmine wasn’t exactly thrilled to have Tyrie as her partner. After being called a “business associate” by Tyrie, Jasmine’s frustration reached an all time high and she threw a punch at Tyrie. Fortunately, the new, tall, buff Tyrie barely felt a thing and Jasmine’s fist bounced off of him like a single drop of rain. This incident almost got the pair thrown into the second Dome, but Wes’s loud mouth saved them.

3. Blackface- If there was even an excuse to wear blackface, Emily had it. Her sheltered upbringing prevented her from understanding the cultural implications of the act. Still, the act was supported by Camila and left her partner Ty feeling disrespected.

2. Vinny- Vinny showed up this challenge well-fed and ready to party. His ugliest moment was when he removed Mandi’s top while the cast was out at a club. As a result he was sent home, and Sarah had to go home even though she was in no way involved with the act.

Camila Flips- After feeling rejected by Johnny, Camila had the melt down of the century. She was throwing furniture, threatening lives, and ended in the pool. The incident made Johnny question her sanity, but I guess they worked it out because the team won this season.


  1. I wish Wes could start over and make more friends. I think he is a good guy with a bad reputation.

    1. Wes is a smart player in theory, but he doesn’t realize that there are repercussions of his action fail. On the Duel he was a nice guy, and he was a part of the Underdog alliance. It worked out well for him.

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