Are We Ready for a New Generation of Challengers?

The past few challenges have been dominated by the same people. It seems like the same group of people are invited to ever challenge, and this group of people runs the game.

These people are mostly from Fresh Meat and Real World Key West. For example, we have Johnny, Evan, Kenny, Evelyn, Paula. And then there are some older people that repeatedly show up on the challenges due to their inability to win prior to the Fresh Meat/Key West domination. Examples: Derrick, CT, Brad, Aneesa, Robin.

This group didn’t always dominate the game. There was a time when Coral, The Miz, Rachel, Veronica, Darrell, Theo, and a few others were in charge. But now these competitors are either done with challenges or show up only occasionally.

It seems like there aren’t as many dominate characters being asked for the next challenge. So here’s the question: can the show survive without the current generation of ringleader?

Although we have seen some people from the more recent seasons of Real World and Fresh Meat 2 on the challenges, very few have made much of an impact. However, I can see people like Laurel, Cara Maria, Leroy, Emily & Ty just to name a few becoming staples on the show.

Now, I know that I would watch the show regardless of who was on the cast, but I don’t think the public would be very happy with a complete change in cast. I feel that Johnny, Kenny, CT, Paula, Aneesa, and other have are expected on the shows. To completely get rid of them would be a huge risk, and I don’t know how many people would commit themselves to watching a season without having a favorite to root for.

But then again, I started watching the show without knowing anyone. Maybe it would bring in a new breed of fans.


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