Johnny, Ty, Mark & CT- Lookin’ Good

Seen the most recent issue of US Weekly? If you have, you’d notice that the final four guys from Battle of the Exes were photographed showing off their chiseled bods.

But if you don’t want to go to the store and buy US Weekly, or leave the house to look at it, I posted the pic right here.

It’s nice to see the guys from the challenges getting some recognition. Normally the only MTV stars that get any attention are the guidos from the Jersey Shore, or anyone from The Hills/ Laguna Beach. Hopefully US Weekly and other national publications hold some interest in having the challengers in their upcoming issues.


2 thoughts on “Johnny, Ty, Mark & CT- Lookin’ Good

  1. It’s there but it hides at the bottom of the page. Look for the pcuitre of chicken salad with cantaloupe. That’s the link to the weekly menu. That is where the template puts it and I have not figured out how to move it up.

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