Diem Has Cancer Again

It’s sad that I am able to make this post, but Diem tweeted yesterday confirming that she has ovarian cancer again:


19h Diem Brown Diem Brown@DiemBrown
I know I will be fine I beat Cancer once & I’m gonna do it again! I know God has a reason for every speed bump in life & I’m ready #MedGift
19h Diem Brown Diem Brown@DiemBrown
My doctor just called me…and… I have Cancer again… didn’t think Ovarian Cancer cld come back.. Please get internal ultrasounds/year 😉

Though she seems to be remaining optimistic, this is her second battle with cancer, the first occurring around the time of the first Fresh Meat. Diem has a charity called Med Gift that works with cancer patients (formerly known as Live for the Challenge) which she continues to support.

I wish Diem the best of luck, and for a speedy recovery. She had been doing very well recently, not just on the challenge, but she was also living her dream of being a reporter for E! (as seen on Lindsay Lohan’s True Hollywood Story).


One thought on “Diem Has Cancer Again

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