St. Thomas Episode 2: The Game of Lust

There are two things to be learned in this episode: The cast is horny, and they have disgusting alter egos.

Let’s start with the alter egos. Trey enjoys dressing up as an ugly woman he calls “Big Shirley.” Because he has dressed up as a woman many times before, he knows he is comfortable enough with his sexuality to do this. Robb’s alter ego is named “Captain Red Bush.” And no, it’s not named after a shrub.

In this episode we find out that Brandon is surprisingly good at some things. Firstly, he can kayak- a talent no one expected he’d have. He also has enough game to flirt with an attractive girl. However, no one approves of this. The first time he meets the girl a random islander is irritated that he’s dancing with this girl. During the second encounter, Swift wants to protect Brandon’s heart. While Swift’s intentions are sincere, Brandon reveals that he is heartless and soulless.

Swift and LaToya have a playful relationship, but LaToya says they are both too dominate to be compatible. She says both people can’t wear the pants-someone has to put on a skirt. Correct me if I’m wrong, but is LaToya calling herself a man?

Then there’s Trey and Laura. Trey gets mad at Laura because she’s too nice, and he wants Laura to play harder to get. Laura confesses that she is used to throwing herself at men. She doesn’t know how to play hard to get. Perhaps Brandon can take advantage of this later on?

Then there’s Robb and Marie. Both of them find island lovers (OK, they’re just tourists). Marie even invites her lover over to smush. Later on, Robb and Marie arrange a double date with their respective lovers. Problem is, they’re sick of these lover. So they cancel their dates and just go out together. It’s not a date though, because Marie refused to date men in tight pants.

If you missed the episode, that’s what you missed.



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