Challengers that Shouldn’t Be

A long time ago, I did a post on 10 challengers that shouldn’t be. Now it’s time to do the reverse. Here are some of the people that have challenger status, but they were worthy of being champions. Of the years, these people have proven themselves in every mission except the final one.


Why? CT’s the obvious one. He’s one of the strongest players, but he’s always been defeated by his shitty team or his foolish actions. Although he couldn’t cut it on the Battle of the Exes final, he would be Johnny in most competitions. If CT had stuck around on The Duel 2, I’m sure he would have gone pretty far.


Why? She’s a lot strong than she gets credit for. She may not be the toughest competitor, but she has taken people like Robin and Theo out of the game. On The Inferno 2 final, she wasn’t the best runner. However, she proved her endurance abilities on the Fresh Meat final.


Why? Real World pioneer Norman was on the last team to be eliminated from Battle of the Season, but the real reason he should win is because he got screwed over in The Gauntlet finale when Coral got bit by a spider.


Why? She lost to a shady Real World team on the Extreme Challenge. She stayed in the inner circle the entire time on Battle of the Season, and she would have made it to the end of Battle of the Sexes if she didn’t quit.


Why? Las Vegas’ Steven was drastically underrated on Battle of the Sexes 2. He performed very well in all of the missions, but was sent home early for slapping Shane. That was probably the most undeserving expulsion to date, and I’m sure it prevented him from doing future challenges.


Why? She’s not the best competitor, but she fell victim of 3 horrible final challenges. On The Gauntlet 2, the entire final challenge was an eating contest. On The Gauntlet 3, Eric lost the whole thing for the vets. On The Island she get screwed over on a shitty boat.


Why? Seattle’s David really is a good competitor. He preformed well on Challenge 2000, and lost in a breath holding contest on The Inferno. He also fell victim of the terrible Gauntlet 2 final.


Why? DC’s Emily is the new chick that you should fear. She’s never been dead weight and is typically a nice person. She’s never lost an elimination round (she’s 5-0 now!) and I see her winning in the near future.


Why? Leroy has made the best out of being stuck with 2 shitty partners. He’s a strong competitor, and anyone that competes against him is going to have a hard time winning. If there’s ever a Duel 3, he’s someone to fear.


Why? She’s made it to the end of 3 challenges and came in 2nd every time. She’s known for being mean to Cara Maria, but she’s always working to make her team better. Can you blame her for that?


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