Episode 4: Drink away the pain

Episode 4 continues the ongoing prank war. Marie found a dead fish that washed ashore. What does she do? Place it in the boys bathroom.

Robb and Swift are sleeping, but soon catch a whiff of the dead fish that is smelling in the tub. I’m sure they immediately thought that Laura had just spread her legs again, but once the smell didn’t go away they investigated.

Upon spotting the fish, the boys decided not to return it to the ocean. Rather, it was to be saved to it could be used for a future prank. Robb hide the fish in the kayaks, a location that every member of the household has access to. Shockingly, LaToya and Marie find the fish and throw it back in the ocean.

Swift jumps in to retrieve the fish, but lands of a pile of sea urchins and hurts his foot. As he is climbing out, LaToya pushes him back onto the urchins (claiming that she was trying to push the fish away). Once Swift is finally out of the water, he is unable to walk. Robb carries him to a chair with easy. It’s pretty obvious that this isn’t the first time a black man climbed onto Robb’s shoulders.

I think it’s safe to assume that Marie is in nursing school, because she knows the perfect remedy for Swift’s foot: alcohol! Swift drink, and drinks, and drinks some more. Rather then having a real doctor inspect Swift’s foot, Marie summons the water taxi driver. He recommends that someone pees on Swift’s foot. Swift refuses this solution. I guess his feet aren’t that important.

More drinks are drank, and then the cast reaches a solution: going to the doctor. Once Swift sees the doctor, his is told that the urchin spikes are just calcium composites…nothing to worry about. Swift gets some pain killers, but he forgot his insurance, ID, and money at home. Rather than pay the secretaries, he just flirts with them.

Swift is mad at LaToya for pushing him into the water. LaToya admits that it wasn’t the brightest idea, but she didn’t know the severity of the case. Although Swift was injured, I side with LaToya. Why? Because she’s never wrong.

Here’s the catch of the entire episode: The boys never find out that Marie put the fish in the tub. First, Marie blames Laura, but Laura denies everything. Then, Marie says Brandon put the fish in the tub when he was really drunk. Brandon accepts responsibility, and is proud of what he “did.”


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