Episode 5: Slobs, Sea Lions & Sadness

LaToya has become one of my favorite Real Worlder ever. She’s not the stereotypical black chick. Yes, she raps her feelingss. Yes, her dance moves include booty poppin’. HOWEVER, she loves mayonnaise. In fact, she likes it more than anyone else I know. In addition to the mayo, she has found a new love in life… “Little Lee.” He is the son of Big Lee, the water taxi drivers. And believe it or not, Little Lee is in the business too.

Speaking of love, Brandon has found a new love. A girl he met while clubbin’ wants to come over. Brandon cleans the house, lights some candles, and then the girls never shows up. Brandon is upset and starts drink. The whole house feels bad for him, except for Trey that is happy someone else is cleaning. Brandon keeps drinking, but his roomies have his back and he survives the night.

The next day the roomies are informed of there new job working at the Coral World Aquarium. They get to interview for a number internship positions, including working with a sea lion. Prior to starting work they are required to take a mandatory swimming test. All the roomies are able to do it other than LaToya. The salt water prevents hurts her eyes, and bothers her contacts. She starts to drown, but even worse…her fake eyelashes are ruined. Swift is happy to see that Toya is OK and that karma has run its course. In the process of getting help she steps on a sea urchin. The staff help her out, and the roomies get their positions. Robb and Trey work with diving instructors, Brandon and LaToya are working with exhibits, and Swift, Marie, & Laura are working with the sea lions.

When the roomies are back home, LaToya’s heart breaks. Little Lee is in a relationship. Brandon is heart broken too. He starts drinking, calls a girl from back home, and confesses his love. Then…he cries, so the house becomes uncomfortable. Brandon knows he drinks a lot, but the next day he’s hungover. He wants to go to support meetings, and Swift shows his support by reminding Brandon that he DOES have a problem. How sweet.

The episode ends with Robb and Marie covering the kitchen counter in peanut butter. They draw pictures of all the roomies and squeegie it off with Robb’s body. LaToya all never eat off of the counter again.


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