Episode Six: Drinking Like a Pig


Six weeks. The episode begins with Brandon celebrating six months of being drug free. Now he wants to move on to being alcohol free. His main problem is that his first sober weekend will be St. Patrick’s Day. While the house is supportive of this notion, Marie confesses that she plans on being belligerently drunk on St. Patty’s day. Sobriety is great, but so is honesty. I congratulate both Marie and Brandon for their stances toward greatness.

Meanwhile, Robb is regretting inviting his semi-girlfriend Emily to visit him. No, not because she’s an unfaithful skeeze, but because he is falling for Marie. Marie is understanding of the situation, but the doesn’t mean she’s happy about it. She proposes that Robb piss her off more often, because then she won’t like him so much. Once again, she proves that honesty is one of her best traits.

March 16th rolls around, ahe cast then takes a vaykay to St. Croy for the St. Patrick’s Day Parade. After a day of sight seeing, they head out to a bar for the evening. Brandon gets nervous because this will be his first sober night, and he remains clean for the night. The next morning is St. Patty’s Day. Half of the cast goes to the parade, but Marie is going to a ar…OBVI! Robb accompanies her, as does Brandon. While Brandon manages to remain sober, he also manages to be a huge bump on a log.

For the night, the cast goes to…A BAR! While some of the guys play pool, Laura spends time with another boy. Trey is less than happy, and doesn’t talk to her for the rest of the night. The cast goes to their hotel, sleeps, and goes see some pigs the next day. But there’s something special about these pigs…they drink beer! Just when Marie thinks she’s found a long-lost relative, she finds out that they only drink nonalcoholic beer. It’s still fun to feed a pig a can of beer, and watch as it spits the can back out at you.

Laura is still kind of hurt that Trey got mad at her, but she’s even more mad that Trey still talks to his semi-girlfriend Chelsea. What a hypocrite!!! Trey has no trust non Chelsea and asks her if she has been with anyone else. Trey hangs up the phone less than satisfied with the response he gets, but Laura is annoyed by Treys hypocrisy. The next day Laura talks to Trey, and they civilly discuss whether or not they should break up. Hmm.. What a cliffhanger!

Next week, we will find out if Robb is playing games with Marie, or if Marie is going to play Robb out of revenge.


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