Seasons That Should Have Battled

Getting 4 people from the same cast must be a difficult task, and I am happy with the cast of the upcoming challenge. However, there are other seasons that I would have liked to see that would have added to the challenge.


Although we’ve seen some members of the Denver cast on many challenges (namely Jenn and Tyrie), we’ve never seen one of them win a challenge. Because there are so many new people this season, it might have given people from this season an opportunity to shine. I’d expect a Denver team to consist of Jenn, Colie, Davis and Tyrie, but any other cast member would be a welcome change of pace!

Washington DC

The DC season might not have been popular, but very few of these roomies have ever been on a challenge. This would have been a great opportunity to introduce some new blood into the challenge world. Ideally, Mike, Andrew, Emily and Ashley would make up the team, but I expect that a few others would be willing to participate.

Road Rules Viewers Revenge

Road Rules deserves an opportunity to represent themselves on this challenge! There are a lot of people that appeared on Viewer’s Revenge, and it would have been nice to include some Roadies. I’d have no problem with the newbies and the alum from this season being mixed together to make a team. Perhaps Dan, Shane, Tori, and Veronica would have worked.

Real World Key West

The Key Westers have been on a winning streak recently, but they still deserve to compete. Knowing Wes, he would have immediately made this team a target. Tyler, Johnny, Paula, and probably Janelle would have made up the team, but it would have been nice to see some surprises. Maybe Jose could have made his challenge debut.

Any other seasons that you think could have realistically appeared? Comment below!!!


One thought on “Seasons That Should Have Battled

  1. Maybe a team Philadelphia with M.J., Landon, Shauvonda, and Sarah.
    Or Maybe a team Hollywood with David, William, Kimberly, and Brianna.

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