Episode 10: Camping is Miserable

Laura enjoys the simple things in life. She likes camping, which makes Marie and Toya sick, and she likes painting Trey’s face. Speaking of Trey, she still likes spending time with him. Even though Trey has a girlfriend at home, Laura can’t help but flirty with him and shamelessly promote Subway with him. Their relationship hits an all-time high when they run in the mud and splash in the puddles together as LaToya and Marie laugh at them.

Those two have been partners in crime since they’ve been on the island. However, Toya has been noticing that Marie takes advantage of Robb. Toya is upset that Marie is ungrateful for the fish sandwich Robb saved for her. Also, Marie’s friend Max is on the islands again and Marie arranges a meeting with him. The meeting is boring, and LaToya joins Max and Marie on their “date”. Marie gets so bored during the “date” that she leaves, and LaToya goes dancing with Max. LaToya thinks Max is cute, and has no problem dancing with him.

Trey and Max aren’t the only ones getting female attention on the Island. Brandon goes out and finds a “tatted-up” girl. He likes bad girls, and this girl Kyndra meets the mold. You know a girl is bad if her name includes Ys that substitute vowels. Kyndra comes over on Easter Sunday, and Brandon stays home with Kyndra as the rest of the cast goes out to dinner. Kyndra wants to get some whiskey, and Brandon breaks his sobriety to drink it with her. He’s drunk, and smushes Kyndra, but he doesn’t do anything terrible. His roomies aren’t too happy that he drank, but what can you do?

Later, the cast goes out and bump into Max. This makes Robb uncomfortable, but Marie keeps him calm by talking to him. Robb feels that this is Marie making a decision, and it makes him happier than he was before. Things are going well, until Max calls and invites the roomies to the island Carnival. Max seems to have taken an interest in LaToya, and Marie is not happy about this. Max came out to visit Marie, but Marie has decided not to see him anymore. Because Max wants to see Toya, Marie is kind of forced to see him. Now, Marie doesn’t want to hang out with LaToya at the carnival.

Marie says that both she and LaToya are headstrong and don’t like to admit when they’re wrong. BUT in this case Marie says she’s right. Either way, it was Swift that took up most of Max’s time. Marie forgives Toya, and vows not to take Robb for granted. Then, Robb and Marie take a page from the book of Laura and splash in the rain together.

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