Real World St. Thomas

Episode 12: The War is Over

Episode 12 marked the end of another Real World season. The final episode tied up some of the loose end that we’ve seen this season.

Are Robb and Marie official? Well, Robb went to buy her a St. Coy bracelet. The way you wear this bracelet indicates whether your heart is open or your heart is taken. Marie loves the gift, and wears it so it indicates that her heart is taken.

Swift tries to put an end to the prank wars. After dealing with the dead fish Marie placed in his bathroom, he seeks to 1-up her by putting  live chickens in her and Toya’s bed. Much of the episode (way too much time) is dedicated to him catching chickens and placing them in Marie and LaToya’s beds. Both girls are shocked when they get pranked, and give Swift his credit. I guess Swift is the winner of the prank war.

Laura and Trey remain flirty, but their relationship isn’t what it once was. Laura is a bit jealous of Marie and Robb, because their relationship is what Laura hoped her relationship with Trey would be.

Then, it’s time to say good-bye. Swift plans to spend more time on the island because he has fallen in love with St. Thomas. Robb and Marie leave, and they hope to continue their relationship after they get home. The teariest good-bye is between Trey and Laura, who are unsure of their future.

Luckily for the cast, 4 of them reunite on Battle of the Seasons!

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