Real World St. Thomas

Reunion: The Bad Goodbye

The reunion aired right after the final episode, and if you really want to know what happened it’s best to watch it. I would like to highlight some of the main points made on the reunion here…

Robb & Marie- Marie now hates Robb. A couple of weeks prior to the reunion, he broke up with her via text message. Robb admits that he was the douchebag in the situation,and Marie wants to make sure everyone knows. She spent a lot of the reunion taking petty jabs at Robb. I’d never expect Marie to take a break up well, especially when it was done through a text.

Trey, Laura, & Chelsea- Trey is no longer with Chelsea, but he claims that they are civil. They remains on good terms. The night before the reunion was the first time he saw (*winkwink*) Laura. OK, Laura just admited that they had sex.

Robb & Marie, Trey & Laura- Much of the cast calls Marie a hypocrite for his criticism of Trey and Laura’s relationship. She often said Laura deserved better, but she dragged Robb around and was insensitive to him. However, Brandon defends Marie saying that Robb has a very powerful personality. When he says he’s OK, you believe he’s OK.

Swift vs. Marie- Swift remains furious with Marie. Apparently, Marie stole his address book and lit if on fire. Then, she tried to push him off a boat on night (though it was not caught on tape). Marie admits to burning the book, though LaToya was the one that initially stole the book. Marie also says that if she wanted to toss Swift into the water, it would have happened.

Swift vs. LaToya- Swift insists that they did hook up. It happened while they were visiting St. Croix and it was in a bathroom, so there weren’t cameras around. LaToya continues to deny this. She says she’d take a lie detector test to prove her point. She becomes so annoyed with Swift that she gives him a little smack on the head at one point. Marie Menounos gets to put on her shocked face and claims this is the first physical assault that she has seen at a reunion.

Brandon– He says he’s doing well. He admits that he hasn’t been entirely clean since filming ended. He loves the partying lifestyle too much to trade it in for a normal life, normal friends, and and normal girl.

It’s pretty clear that there are missing pieces when it comes to Trey, Laura, Robb, and Marie’s stories. I guess we will need to watch Battle of the Seasons to fill in the blanks!

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