Episode 1: Seven Biggest Moments

Let’s be honest. If you’re reading this blog you don’t need my recap of every episode. You have the Internet, so head to MTV.com and watch the full thing. Rather than recap all of the episodes, I’d like to highlight the biggest moments from each episode.

Let’s get into it.

7. Fresh Meat

I don’t think anyone saw this one coming. OK, everyone knew. However, the Fresh Meat were missing from the 18 minute preview that we saw earlier this week. It was nice to finally see them again.

6. Knight and Jemmye

I think it was hard to watch “Back to New Orleans” and not love seeing Knight and Jemmye as an item. Prior to coming to the challenge, Knight cheated with Jemmye. He admits to regretting it, but Jemmye is not ready for an apology. Perhaps having a common interest will help them rebuild a relationship, and that common interest is getting rid of Preston and McKenzie.

5. Cancun Wins

What would The Challenge be without a challenge? This week was saw a challenge called Don’t Cross Me which required two things: upper body strength and communication. We saw a couple of falls, but the team the completed the mission fasted was Cancun. I’m not surprised that CJ did well, and after Rivals I’m not surprised to see Jonna and Jasmine do well. I feel like the episode overlooked the fact that Derek did so well on this challenge, which I found surprising after watching him go home first on Cutthroat.

4. Jonna’s Quick to Break Up

After one night of flirting with Zach, Jonna called things off with her boyfriend at home. She wanted to be as honest as possible with her boyfriend, but she barely knows Zach. Their relationship may never take off or it may blossom into a full romance, but Jonna now has nothing to lose.

3. Frank vs. Wes

Wes is known for entertaining arguments, and Frank is known for starting them. It was only a matter of time before the two butt heads. After a little too much to drink, Frank was ready to get into a physical fight with Wes. Frank claims he’s not afraid of Wes, but if the two did fight, my money would be on Wes.

Frank had to be carried away, and Zach had to pin him to the ground to control him. Frank then threw some more insults and pass out. At least he didn’t send team San Diego home.

2. Zach’s Kiss

When Zach said that he made up with Frank, he wasn’t kidding. The two are so close that Zach will give Frank a peck on the lips. Don’t worry ladies, Zach is still into women. He is now much more understanding of others, and perhaps this encouraged him to be more comfortable with showing affection.

1. Battle of the Seasons Becomes Battle of the Exes

After coming in last on the challenge, team Fresh Meat had to send 2 people into The Arena and they selected Eric and Cara Maria. Team Cancun selected team Austin to compete in The Arena, and Wes and Lacey were the two Austiners to go in. The elimination battle, named Hall Pass, required members of the same sex to ram into each other and pass by their opponents to win. Cara Maria had little trouble getting past Lacey, so it was up to Wes to win for Austin. However, he was unable to outrun or outram Big Easy, so Wes lost. This meant that Wes & Lacey went home first.

Now, team Austin is comprised of only Danny and Melinda… a divorced couple. AWKWARD!


One thought on “Episode 1: Seven Biggest Moments

  1. Frank is a lunatic! I’m not a fan of Dustin, but I am rooting for him in his big confrontation with Frank. The tease for the rest of the season was amazing. I hope Alton 2.0 kills Zach.

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