The Rise and Fall of Wes

This week we watched Wes go into the first Arena of the season and lose. This isn’t the first time that Wes saw the first elimination round of the season- in fact it’s the fourth time, fifth if you count Rivals (first elimination was females, but Wes was in the first male elimination). However, this is the first time we saw Wes go into the first elimination and lose.

Let’s take a look back at Wes’s journey from the little-rookie-that-could to the old-veteran-that-lost.

Fresh Meat

On Fresh Meat, Wes showed up with three other members from his Austin season. The four of them were not well received from the other Real World and Road Rules alumni on the cast. In fact, Wes was sent into the first four Exiles of the season and won all of them, sending the other three Austin kids home in the process. He saw one more Exile, but won that and managed to make it to the final. However, he was anchored down by Casey and only managed to come in third place and a $10,000 prize.

The Duel

His second challenge was The Duel, and though this was not his first challenge Wes still had the “rookie” title. Wes quickly noticed an alliance forming that he was not a part of, and organized an alliance of his own with some of the others that were not involved in this alliance. Wes only had to fight it out in one Duel, but his opponent was Derrick- a proven threat in elimination round. Wes managed to send Derrick home to continue his battle.

To be honest, we was very smart this season. He convinced Evan to take CT into a Duel, guaranteeing that one these strong players would go home. Wes ultimately found himself in the final challenge competing against Brad. He won that final and received that largest prize in challenge history, $150,000. He was now a champion as a rookie.

The Ruins

After sitting out four challenges, Wes returned as a champion on The Ruins. His team consisted of a bunch of enemies, an ex-fiancee (Johanna), and Johanna’s Island fling (Kenny). It seemed like Wes’s main focus was arguing with his teammates, which guaranteed him the spot in multiple Ruins. He eliminated Chet and Nick, but he lost to Cohutta in his third Ruins. Cohutta became the first person ever to eliminate Wes.

Fresh Meat 2

Wes had luck on the first Fresh Meat, so when he returned for the second installment is seemed likely that he’d perform well again. Throughout the entire season Wes and his alliance battled against Kenny and his alliance. It seemed as if Wes was outperforming Kenny and his alliance in the beginning, but eventually Kenny selected Wes and his partner Mandi to compete against his strong ally Evelyn. Wes was unable to beat Evelyn and her partner, and he left in the second half of the season.


After battling against Kenny for two seasons, Wes became his only teammate on Rivals. They proved to be a strong team, and won two Jungle together. Rather than trying to send each other home, they were able to unite in the battle to send CT home. CT lost in the last Jungle of the season, while Wes and Kenny made it to the final challenge. Unfortunately, they came in second place and won $25,000.

Battle of the Exes

Wes lost to Johnny and Tyler on Rival. He knew Johnny was tough competition, so he made it clear that he wanted Johnny gone. Unfortunately, Wes made too many enemies without making many friends. Johnny and Camila sent Wes into the first Dome, which he won. Then, Sarah and Vinny sent Wes into the second Jungle against Leroy and Naomi. Wes was unable to out-muscle Leroy and was sent home second. This was the first time that Wes lost in a battle of pure strength.

Battle of the Seasons

Wes was once again united with his friends from the Austin season on Battle of the Seasons. While he did have these friend, the cast also included many of his enemies. When Cancun became the first power season, CJ didn’t hesitate to get revenge on Wes for eliminating him from Fresh Meat 2. Wes had to compete against Big Easy in the “Hall Pass” Arena. Though Eric lost some weight, he still outweighed Wes by a lot, and Wes wasn’t able to shove Eric to victory. For the first time ever, Wes the was first challenger to go home.

If Wes does another challenge, he will have to be prepared to fight off his enemies. While he’s a very strong and smart player, he also has a lot of enemies that want him gone.


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