Battle of the Seasons

Will Team New Orleans Strategy Work?

This season we have been introduced to a new strategy by Team New Orleans. Knight has alluded to it, and Dustin flat-out said it.

So what’s their strategy? They suck so badly that the other teams should keep them around.

Last week, Alton claimed that it was fair to send New Orleans to The Arena because they’re a weaker team. How does this benefit Alton? When you’re competing against weaker teams, your chance of winning money increases.

I know Team New Orleans tries in the challenges. In fact, they’ve performed better than I anticipated. Whether or not they’re the weakest team overall this season, soon they’ll be the weakest team left in the house. To be honest, I think they have the right idea. If you appear to be weak, other teams will underestimate you. Then, you can go all-in when it really matters. This might just be Team New Orlean’s best chance of winning.

Perhaps it’s not the most admirable strategy, but I applaud NOLA for thinking outside of the box. This is a game of survival, and they’ve survived so far.

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