Most Respectable Gameplay this Season

So far, we’ve seen a lot of shitty things done on Battle of the Seasons. Let’s take a look at some of the players that have not made complete asses of themselves this season. It might be hard to survive in this game without alliances, but it’s possible to survive without looking like a buffoon.

Dustin– Without rivals like Mike Mike on this cast or distractions like Heather, Dustin has put in a solid effort in maintaining his team. He has taken the time to listen to all members during their difficult deliberation that resulted in Sarah going into The Arena, and he supported Nany when her clothing was thrown into the pool. Overall, he has definitely shown his good side this season.

Jasmine– Surprisingly, Jasmine has been a calm and supportive teammate. She looks out for her teammates, supports their decisions and doesn’t start fights. While Jasmine’s wild side hasn’t shown yet this season, I’m sure she’s willing to fight for her teammates when she has to.

Chet– Chet plays and honest game. He’s confident in his abilities, and won’t take the bullshit that other cast members try to serve. If someone is talking about his teammates, he’ll jump to their defense. That’s what being on a team is all about!

Trey– Sometimes it’s smart to join an alliance. But when you’re at the bottom of the totem pole, it’s hard to trust the other members in that alliance. Trey knows that joining the San Diego/Cancun/NOLA alliance won’t take him to the end, and he doesn’t need to scheme his way to the final. He wants to get to the final based on gameplay, not wordplay.


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