Battle of the Seasons

Alton: Power Player or Power Tripping?

Any old school challenge fan would recognize Alton as one of the most powerful players to grace the challenge fields. He has never lost an elimination round, had some impressive Gauntlet victories, and has superhuman abilities to match his superhuman body. But that was the old Alton, and on Battle of the Seasons we have been introduced to Alton 2.0

As much as he may boast that he is improved, it he ready to adapt to the new challenge environment. Brute strength may not be enough to make it to the end. Politics have a much more dominate role than they did during he last challenge (Inferno 3). His old-school ways were apparent on episode 3 when Vegas became power season. Perhaps he was jaded by his love for Sarah, but he was reluctant to vote team Brooklyn into The Arena. He wanted team New Orleans in there because they were the weakest. This reasoning seems to be irrelevant to the rookies that rely on a social game and want to keep weaker teams around.

At one point Dustin told Alton he was on a “power trip” as Alton tried to defend team Brooklyn. Though he is usually a level-headed leader, he does have some hot-headed moments (EX: Irulan’s departure on The Gauntlet). It seems like his love for competition doesn’t align with new approaches to gameplay.

So is Alton a true competitor that wants to play against the toughest competitors? Or is he a stubborn old-schooler that doesn’t know how to adapt?

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