…How Are You Still Here?

We’re about half way through the season, and we’ve seen 12 people go home so far. There are some people that are strong competitors and I expect to see them make it to the half way mark. Other people I expect to go home early. To my surprise, some of these people remain. Let’s check out who has surprisingly lasted this far:

Knight and Jemmye

Preston said it best in the first episode, his team is a hot mess. However, Knight and Jemmye have risen to the occasion as a team of 2, and they’re winning challenges. I thought New Orleans would be constantly coming in last and losing. That’s not the case, and Knight and Jemmye have proven themselves.


Brooklyn has been into 3 Arenas…and won them all. Chet and Sarah showed some concerns for Devyn and JD, but they’ve pulled their weight so far. Devyn has never been on a challenge before, but she will have a respectable stay on her first one.


Derek went home first on Cutthroat, so I wasn’t expecting much this time around. But his entire team remains intact at this point, and he hasn’t seen The Arena yet. Their success isn’t just for good alliances, Derek has pulled his weight.


Frank is a loose cannon. Regardless of skill, I thought his antics would put him up for elimination. Guess not, because he seems to be doing well with a good team.

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