More Challenge 24 Rumors!

It seems like the new cast members from the challenges are keeping quiet about departure info. But not the veterans!

If anyone has ever listened to Evan Starkman’s podcast you’ll know that his guest have no problem talking about upcoming challenge and they have no problem dropping names.


When Susie was on the show a guest she mentioned that Kenny was asked about his availability.

Then, it was revealed that Evan and Chet had received availability calls.

However, Paula has been a wealth of knowledge on the recent challenge. She mentioned that Diem and Johnny will be on the challenge and implied that Tyler will be as well. She also mentioned March 24th as a departure date and that filming will end in the beginning of May.

She also mentioned the rumors that the challenge will be something like rookies vs. veterans and that the veterans were getting “rolling calls” meaning that they are not all receiving calls at the same time so they can’t all band together and decided to go together.

Again, nothing is official. But this is the best information I’ve heard so far.


3 thoughts on “More Challenge 24 Rumors!

  1. I also heard Trey dropped out of the spring break thing so he could train for the next challenge. I also heard CT will leave the spring break thing early so he can fly out. Finally, someone who claims to work for inertia tours claims to know the cast will be the following:

    Veterans: Johnny, Tyler, CT, Chet, Sarah, Diem, and Paula so far.

    Rookies: Zach, Frank, Trey, Nany, Nia, and Johnny from the RW Portland.

    Take the info with a grain of salt. We’ll get confirmation after they depart.

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