Real World Portland

Real World Portland: Top 5 Moments From Episode 5

After last week’s exciting sex-act-gone-wrong, we find out if Nia really want’s to give Jordan a blowie on the pool table. Let’s check out the best 5 moments from this week’s Real World Portland episode.

1. Nia Gets The Down Low


OK, so Nia never gave Jordan a blow job. The fact of the matter is she wanted to prove a point: Jordan acts like a big dick because he has a little dick. Jordan claims he wasn’t in the mood, Nia claims he was in the mood…which is sad, the rest of the house wonders WTF Nia is thinking. A little anti-climatic after last week’s episode, but still a funny story.

2. Avery Feels Cheated


Trouble in paradise? Avery goes onto Johnny’s e-mail and sees a flirtatious e-mail from a girl named Bridgett. She doesn’t want to make a big deal out of it, but in the back of her mind she feels like she’s being played. These conflicting emotions become the backbone of the entire episode.

3. Pants Dropping Fun


The cast goes snowboarding, which no one cares about until it drinking time. Someone bets Johnny $20 that he won’t drop bis pants and streak through the bar, a bet that Johnny gladly wins. However, Avery gets mad because she claims that Johnny wouldn’t be happy if she streaked. Luckily, Marlon has some sound advice for Johnny: “You can be right or you can be happy.” So Johnny tries to move on with his life.

2. No Boys in the Bed


Jessica decided to come to Portland with an irrational no boys in the bed policy. One night she goes out with her “friend” Ty—Paul Bunyan and he gets too drunk to drive. Jessica invites him to stay over and have an uncomfortable night’s sleep on the couch. He isn’t happy about it, but stays anyway and gets Jessica flowers the next day. Later in the episode Jessica decides to eradicate her no boys in the bed policy and let him sleep over. JUST sleeping though.

1. Johnny and Avery Fight…AGAIN


By the end of the episode Johnny and Avery’s bickering was getting annoying. While walking home from a bar, Avery is cold and wants to be hugged for warmth, so she says “someone love me!” Johnny hears “someone fuck me!” so he gets mad. Nia tries to cool him down, but he wants to talk to Avery. The next morning, they talk and Avery finally tells Johnny about the e-mail. Johnny says Bridgett is just a friend, and then they forget about all of their fights.

NEXT WEEK, more Nia drama. Stay tuned.

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