Real World Portland

Real World Portland Episode 7: Top 5 Moments

After last week’s mega fight, we saw the reactions from the rest of the house. Here are the top 5 moments from the episode last night:

1. Marlon Goes Mad


Marlon found himself in the middle of Jordan and Nia’s fight. The next morning, he clearly took Nia’s side. He yelled at Jordan for making monkey noises at Nia and his use of derogatorily language. The fight was heated, but later in the episode Jordan kind of took responsibility for his actions, and Marlon kind of forgave him.

2. Jessica Decides to Get Involved


Hey y’all! Jessica needed to remind the house that she had feelings on the fight too. She mentioned that she didn’t feel safe with a crazy man like Jordan in the house. Anastasia then argues with Jessica, saying she only knows Nia’s side of the story. Still, Jessica feels uncomfortable because of Jordan’s actions. At one point in the episode, she says that as a good Catholic woman she should forgive Jordan, but she isn’t going to and Jesus will just have to understand.

3. Jordan Has Friends!


Jordan’s friends from Oklahoma come to visit! They go out and have a good time, but when the rest of the cast meets Jordan’s friends they begin to dig up info on Jordan. Most notably, Nia talk to his friend Taylor (who obviously is in love with Jordan). Taylor has also been in arguments with Jordan, but she knows how to handle him. It was refreshing to see some level-headed interactions with Jordan.

4. Johnny, Averey, and Pizza


Johnny and Marlon go to Pizza Schmizza to get pizza for the house, but when they get there they see football playing on the TVs at the bar. So they have some drinks and stay and watch. Averey and Anastasia are hungry, so they call Schmizza demanding for the boys to come home. When they get home, Johnny and Averey have another dumb fight. In the end, they get over it.

5. Jordan Gets Deep


After the fight with Nia, Anastasia is the only person who is at all understanding of Jordan. At the end of the episode, she talks to him and he confesses that he is too much like his father and wishes he could change. Ana asks if he ever considered therapy, and he reveals that he has been after his parents found a suicide note of his, though the found it before anything ever happened. Not too much happened in the episode after that, but it was nice to see Anastasia remain neutral throughout the episode.

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