Real World Portland

What’s Still to Come on The Real World Portland

Last week we saw a quick mid-season trailer. Let’s slow it down and look at the most exciting moments.Screenshot_78

Anastasia’s boyfriend is coming!


Ana: “You disappointed me!”


Jessica and Averey fight. Then, Averey gets locked in the bathroom, presumably by Jessica. Johnny starts to confront Jessica and yells “keep getting fat!”


Jessica isn’t happy.


Johnny argues with his pants down.


Nia crying and hugging Marlon outside of the house. Hmmm…


Nia: “I do not enjoy hurting people.”


Jordan and Averey fight, and Averey says “please don’t do that to my dog. Later, Nia is shown with Daisy saying “I’ve got your dog bitch!”


And…Nia throws drinks and fists.

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