Real World Portland

Did Nia Deserve to be Fired?

Last week we saw the first roommate get fired from a job this season. Bret, the boss at Pizza Schmizza, fired Nia after she didn’t show up for her shift.

As the viewers, we saw Nia call into work prior to this shift and the shift manager told her she was not on the schedule. Bret did not believe Nia when this excuse was used, but she claimed that Nia’s termination was an accumulation of poor work habits- missing the shift was the final straw.


If you listen to Nia’s side of the story, she never really had a job. Once she was hired at Schmizza she was given miscellaneous tasks to do but did not have an consistent responsibilities. Hence why we’d see her taking long breaks. She had no real jobs to do.

Personally, I’m surprised she got fired. Not saying she didn’t deserve to be fired, but I’m surprised production didn’t make her stay longer. Plus, Nia is lucky she wasn’t sent home. People like Hollywood Greg and Cancun Joey was forced to leave the Real World House after being fired.

What’s your thoughts?

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  1. Nia is such a bitch! She had an opportunity to do some good by being on the show, but she has set the black woman stereotype back 50 years. She is a manipulative angry woman who some day needs to deal with the nasty demons within.

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