Real World Portland

Real World Portland Episode 9: Top 5 Moments

For once, Anastasia was the focus of an episode. Let’s seen what went down in Portland this time around.

1. Boyfriend in the House


After weeks and weeks of waiting, Anastasia’s boyfriend Mark comes for a visit. Things start off greats as she introduces him to her roommates and the city. Perhaps introducing him to the Portland nightlife wasn’t the best idea…

2. Boyfriend Out the House


After a night of clubbin’, Mark gets wasted. Anastasia is disappointed by him, but he doesn’t see the big deal. They begin to argue, and he insults Ana. After a screaming match, Ana calls her mom at home and Mark leaves the house to go to a hotel. Ana chases him to the hotel, eventually getting a hold of him, but they don’t resolve anything and Ana is asked to leave the hotel.

3. Anastasia Out the House?


The following morning, the two reconcile. The feeling of bliss is short lived, because Anastasia doesn’t like the pain she’s putting Mark through. She beings to contemplate leaving and tells her roommates. Then, she takes on the heft task of packing.

4. Apologies All Around


Last week, we saw huges fights between Johnny, Averey, Jessica, and Nia. This week, we see apologies. First, Nia decides it’s time to apologize to Johnny and Averey. They quickly accepts the apology so they can resume fucking. Later, Jessica apologizes y’all. Averey accepts as well.

5. Anastasia In the House!


After talking with Jordan, Anastasia decides that she is not going home. She started the journey on Real World Portland, and it will finish it. Her entire cast was supportive of her, but it was really her conversation with Jordan that convinced her not to pack her bags and send herself home.


  1. I think the Ana stuff could be combined cause you left out Johnny and Averey reading in bed. She said that so nonchalantly and seeing them read in bed was so perfect it was hilarious in my opinion.

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