Seasons that LOVE Doing Challenges

Recently I posted season that seem to hate doing challenges. Today, I am going to talk about the seasons that seem to love doing challenges. Cast members from these seasons seem to keep showing up on challenges with no desire to stop.

Before we really get into things, I want to make 2 things clear. I did not include either Fresh Meat season because their casts are significantly larger and appear more frequently on challenges and these total do include the upcoming Rivals 2 challenge.

10. Real World Las Vegas (2011)

(13 appearances by 8 people)


Though they’ve only been eligible for 4 seasons, everyone from the second Las Vegas cast has shown up for at least one challenge. And it seems as if they have no intentions of stopping because they have quite a presence on the upcoming Rivals 2 challenge.

9. Real World Boston

(15 appearances by 7 people)


Real World Boston was the first cast to have their entire season make at least one challenge appearance. In 2002 Sean and Elka won Battle of the Seasons and were named the ultimate season. Despite the fact that this Real World season aired in the mid-90’s there still seems to be interest in doing challenges because Syrus appeared on 2009’s The Ruins.

8. Road Rules South Pacific

(20 appearances by 7 people)


2002’s Road Rules South Pacific ended up introducing us to 9 new Roadies, and most of them seem to have made a splash on The Challenge. 4 of the 7 Roadies who have appeared on challenges have become champions, and one Roadie punched Beth in the face. We last saw Abe on 2012’s Battle of the Exes, so it seems possible that Road Rules South Pacific could accumulate more appearances in the future.

7. Real World Denver

(20 appearances by 6 people)


Denver is most remembered on The Challenge by cast members like Jenn and Tyrie, but everyone except Stephen has made at least 1 appearance. The fact that Tyrie will be on Rivals 2 confirms that this cast is not done with The Challenge, and perhaps he will become the first cast member to actually win a challenge. Despite all of their appearances, no one has won and Jenn is the only person that has seen a final.

6. Road Rules The Quest

(19 appearances by 7 people)


Perhaps The Quest does not have the most victories out of any season, but all 7 cast members have made memorable appearances on The Challenge. From Jisela’s fights with the Battle of the Season’s inner circle, to Ellen’s fights with Puck, to Katie’s fights with Veronica, this season’s cast members have definitely made an impact on their challenge seasons. Unfortunately, there seems to be little interest remaining from these 7. Katie appears on 2010’s Cutthroat, but seems to be too busy with school to return.

5. Road Rules Campus Crawl

(20 appearances by 6 people)


Campus Crawl has introduced us to veterans like Rachel and Darrell and one-challenge-wonders like Sarah and Kendall. It’s no surprise that this season has accumulated so many appearances because they have been very successful during their time on the challenge. Rachel was last seen on 2012’s Battle of the Exes and Darrell on 2010’s Fresh Meat 2. It seems possible that Road Rules Campus Crawl is not done representing itself on The Challenge.

4. Real World San Diego

(23 appearances by 6 people)


It’s hard to remember a time when Real World San Diego was represented by anyone other than Brad or Robin, but other cast members have competed and won! Robin has done 9 challenges so far, and Brad has done 8, making them some of the most frequent competitors to date. Robin’s last appearance was on 2012’s Battle of the Exes, so San Diego may have some more life left in it.

3.Road Rules Xtreme

(24 appearances by 8 people)


Road Rules Xtreme introduced us to Ultimate Underdog Derrick, but it also has spawned other successful competitors such as Kina, Ibis, Jillian, and Jodi who won The Duel 1. Despite their dwindling challenge appearances Derrick still remains very involved in the challenge community and was last seen on 2010’s Cutthroat.

2. Real World Key West

(27 appearances by 6 people)


If there were ever people who LOVED doing challenges, they would be Key West’s Johnny and Paula. After appearing on Rivals 2, Paula has become the first person to amass 10 challenges under her belt. In addition to Johnny and Paula, Key Westers Janelle and Tyler have won a challenge.

1. Real World Austin

(29 appearances by 7 people)


In 2012, Lacey competed on her first challenge- Battle of the Seasons. This made her the final person from the Austin season to compete on a challenge, and all 7 now have at least 1 appearance. The cast has brought us people like: Wes, a self-proclaimed “Greek God”. Danny, who loves nothing more than losing elimination rounds. Nehemiah, who refuses to conform to the main alliance in the house. Melinda, who competed with her ex-husband Danny. And of course Johanna, who once threatened Wes with the deed to his house. Despite the fact that the Austin season seems to get worse and worse with each passing season, 4 of them competed on 2012’s Battle of the Seasons proving that there is still a lot of interest from the Austin season!


    1. True! I included the # of appearances, but my list is not entirely dependent on that. I also weighed in the number of people from each season who have competed at least once.

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