Real World Portland

RW Portland Episode 10: Top 5 Moments

This week we saw essentially nothing important happen. The best thing about the episode was getting to Marlon better. But let’s check out the important moments from the episode:

1. Hook Ups & Faith Down


After a night of clubbing, Marlon finds a charming young girl who he takes home and bangs. While the rest of his roommates are proud of him for getting a piece of ass, Marlon is upset for committing an act that violates his faith. Not only is he disappointed to violate his faith, but his is also upset that he may have disappointed his father.

2. For the Love of Averey


While drinking at Pizza Schmizza, a guy buys Averey a drink and she talks to him. This angers Johnny, and he wants to leave. While waiting for the train Averey has to pee and goes back into the club. After her trip to the bathroom, Averey talks to this guy again causing the roomies to miss their train. This creates another Johnny & Averey fight, and Johnny cries.

3. Happily Ever After


Jessica has become obsessed with her Portland boyfriend Tyler. She decorates her room with pictures of the two of them. One faithful morning Jessica receives an e-mail where she is dumped by Tyler. The reasons aren’t 100% clear, but it probably had to do with the fact that he hated sleeping on the couch and being called Paul Bunyan.

4. The Kiss of Death


In perhaps the worst Real World storyline ever, Johnny, Averey, and Jordan go to a zombie make believe club that teaches them how to survive a zombie apocalypse. In other words, they went LARPing. During this time they threw hatchets, foamed at the mouth, and apologized for fighting.

5. Marlon’s Room


In this episode we got exposed to Marlon’s music, which is a very serious hobby/career endeavor in his life. He has a song about his life featuring his father and he even recorded a song which featured Jessica’s voice saying “bitches be thirsty and junk.” Nice.

After this episode, I’m excited for the Averey/Johnny/Nia fight on the next episode.

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